What You Need to Make Your Presentation Pop

Launching a good business presentation can be the deciding factor on whether or not you earn someone’s business. According to Forbes, a good business presentation will come from someone who creates an experience with real stage presence. But if their tools and gadgets are dull and subpar, even the most charming of the “Denzel Washingtons of the business world” won’t shine golden. Continue reading to discover some gizmos you can pick up to make for the perfect business presentation.

The Cloud

The ability to have files, images and data in a cloud will give any presenter much flexibility. You can create your own cloud and get more than the 5GB of pathetic pace that free services like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud and Skydrive offer. If you are a big player you need more space. You can connect a USB storage drive to your router and then set us the access to “anywhere”. This will give you tons of space where you can access a massive library of data from anywhere there is a web connection.


There are some pretty incredible 2013 inventions that include gadgets to help make business presentations run smoothly. Most business presenters rely on Power Point presentations and web-based demonstrations to showcase their products and services to people. Using electronic devices to do this will help make the presentation run smoothly. Some gadgets will even drive the “wow factor” into the hearts of the crowd.
The Genius Ring Presenter is the first of its kind to be developed and sold for retail. The presenter wears the ring and by making simple hand gestures in the air, the user can control total function of the website being showcased of the presentation as if they were using a mouse. Presenters can control next/back options on slides, side movements, total cursor movement and 4-way scrolling ability. They can also use the ring presenter to use dragging.
Presenters using this devise will impress the crowd and make them feel like they are watching a presentation from some futuristic setting in a fantastical science fiction movie. And the user will enjoy the freedom to move around the room and engage the audience by having his hands free from the confines of the keyboard and mouse.


When we are dealing with business presentations, projectors give the audience the best images for your buck. You worked hard on your presentation and you deserve to show it off. You can make an impact on your Power Point presentation and Excel documents on a big screen, with a projector designed to give the best quality images. Some projectors have 3D ability. Though using 3D technology has a time and a place, it can be used periodically to emphasis a point or a feature in a presentation—an act that can get a big reaction from an audience. The important thing is to make sure it presents images in 1080p in order to give your audience the best quality imagers. And when you aren’t presenting the fruits of your labor, take it home and hook it up to your DVD player for an awesome home theatre experience.
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