Fashion Jewelry Vs Designer Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry and Its Trends

Fashion jewelry, also referred to as costume or novelty jewelry depicts a jewelry category that features hoops, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and watches, targets on what is hot today and is more for novelty and fun than enduring market value. Fashion jewelry is usually metal or even non-metal plated instead of solid gold, silver or gold, or silver plated. Fashion jewelry can be ornamented with non-precious and/or semi-precious colored gemstones stones, for added shimmer or bling appeal.

You may discover individuals saying that they aren’t intrigued by jewelry, but in actuality, jewelry is something that most people appreciate, especially when it is given to them as a gift. And females of all ages love possessing jewelry which lets them create their own unique image of class and style. However, with the expanding rates of each and every commodity, it has turned out to be hard for the average buyer to afford their own fashionable accessories. These high costs have made a niche market in which competitors have made designs that are reasonable in price for the general public.

There is good news for these kinds of individuals as they can now satisfy their desire for fashionable jewelry as well as flaunt it if they wish in various social functions. Wholesale fashion jewelry allows mainstream middle class buyers the affordability of chic and stylish jewelry. The quality of jewelry has been greatly enhanced in light of the advancements in technology in the manufacturing process. Consequently, anyone can choose from many different varieties of costume jewelry to embellish their lifestyles. Trends in fashion jewelry are motivated by runway styles and are set by what is hot in the high fashion world. Without abandoning style, fashion jewelry is usually less expensive than designer jewelry.

Designer Jewelry and Its Trends

Designer jewelry is also referred to as fine or valuable jewelry and portrays a jewelry category that features rings, studs, watches, necklaces and bracelets. This jewelry is usually linked with a nationally or internationally recognized company, brand or logo. Pieces are normally made from pure metals, such as solid silver and solid gold, and/or silver or gold plating. Designer jewelry may hold its value long after the style and trendiness has faded away. Designer jewelry usually offers precious gemstones as well as semi-precious gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, garnets, rubies, pearls, and emeralds. Designer jewelry trends could be seen on the runways of Paris, Rome, Milan, and New York. People who are fans of supermodels, film stars, and rich elite society members often want to own and wear who wear this kind of jewelry themselves. Now, wholesale designer jewelry industry makes it feasible for jewelers to design affordable jewelry for the average individual who would like to enhance their appearance. This new ability to wear different types of stunning jewelry permits clients to have the experience of combining matching jewelry with a variety of different outfits. Nowadays, you can easily and securely purchase jewelry over the internet from many online jewelry stores like Jared and Wow Jewelry.

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