The World’s Most Exotic Eco Lodges

Though relatively new, eco lodges are getting increasingly popular with travelers, especially those who are concerned about the future of our planet. Nestled in some of the most remote areas, however, the majority of eco lodges aren’t lacking any modern conveniences. On the contrary, they are a perfect blend of wilderness and comfort, providing their guests a unique opportunity to experience the nature in its purest form without giving up the comforts of the civilization. This and their remote location providing unique fishing opportunities also makes them a popular alternative to the conventional coastal fishing resorts.

Listed below are five of some of the most exotic eco lodges in the world which also provide an unforgettable fishing experience:

Nihiwatu – Sumba Island, Indonesia

Nestled in amongst 550 acres of virgin forest next to the Indian Ocean, this small yet luxurious eco resort will bring you in tune with the natural world. Limited to only 12 private villas, a restaurant and spa, you will have plenty of time to explore the natural beauty that surrounds you, or relax and recharge without the bustle of everyday life. Due to it’s isolated location in southern Indonesia, much of the traditional Sumbanese culture has been preserved, including the religion, traditional lifestyle and language – making it the perfect spot to explore a new culture too.

Luna Lodge on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Located in a lush rainforest in the isolated Osa Peninsula in south Costa Rica, the Luna Lodge is as exotic as it gets. Surrounded by one of the world’s most bio-diverse natural areas, it is a perfect getaway for nature lovers who can observe hundreds of animal and plant species on virtually every step. But it is also a perfect alternative to the conventional coastal fishing resorts by providing an opportunity to fish in some of the most exotic spots in the world.

Refugio Amazonas in the Tambopata National Reserve, Peru

Dream about fishing in the Amazon River? If so, the lodge of Refugio Amazonas in Peru is an ideal destination for your next fishing trip. Nestled within the Tambopata National Reserve, the lodge is only about four hours from the International Airport in Puerto Maldonando.

The lodge is located on a private reserve that’s over 200 hectares big and surrounded by the gorgeous Amazon rainforest. Don’t want to go fishing? Don’t worry, the lodge has rainforest trails (especially designed for children), kayaking, mountain biking and canopy climbing for you to enjoy. If you’re not feeling up to the activities, sit back in your room and watch the Amazonas wildlife around you, including Squirrel Monkeys, Parrots and Capybaras!

Machaca Hill Rainforest Canopy Lodge in Punta Gorda, Belize

Away yet close to civilization, Machaca Hill Rainforest Canopy Lodge in Belize offers some of the most diverse fishing opportunities in the world. Since it is conveniently located within a few minutes to both the Rio Grande and the Caribbean Sea, anglers who are staying at this beautiful lodge have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite past time at some of the most exotic places.

Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge in the Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Nestled in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness with a direct view of a majestic Kenai Fjord glacier, this lodge offers an unforgettable Alaskan experience. Besides a unique opportunity to explore and experience the natural beauty of Alaska, the coastal fishing lodge also offers a unique opportunity for fishing king salmon in the Kenai River.

Before making any reservations, please check when is the best time for fishing at the chosen destination as well when is the best time for other activities. Also, be sure to inform yourself if you need any fishing permits or other immigration papers before departing.

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