5 Most Painful Celebrity Mishaps

Nobody likes being in an accident. Whether they’re suffered at work, out on the town, playing our favourite sports, or – heaven forbid – while we’re on holiday, accidents can be a painful and frustrating ordeal. First of all there’s the pain, requiring sometimes lengthy treatment and maybe even a hospital stay. Then there’s the pain medication and rehab which follows.

And while all this is going on, you might be forced to take time off work, and potentially not earning as much as you would normally. Add to this the prospect that you might not be as socially active, and not getting around your friends as much as you’d like to.

And it isn’t just normal people. Famous people suffer injuries too. Just ask these celebrities, who succumbed to very public injuries, which were painful in more ways than one:

Frankie Slips

Cocozza found fame at the ripe old age of 18, as a contestant on the X Factor. But it wasn’t until he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother the following year that we got a taste for the real Frankie. The cheeky chappie entertained the country with his drunken antics, but none was more notable than his slip while running naked to the pool in the back garden, landing right on his back. Ouch.

George Michael Falls Out of a Car

The former Wham! front man was in the headlines for rather painful reasons last year, when, after apparently trying to secure a car door which was ajar while being driven down the M1, Michael fell out of the moving vehicle and connected full-on with the tarmac. The singer reportedly had to be airlifted to hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries.

Ozzy’s Quad Doom

Everyone’s favourite prince of darkness came close to meeting his maker in 2003, when he suffered a crash while quad-biking at his Buckinghamshire estate. After breaking his collarbone and several ribs, and damaging his neck, Osbourne was kept in intensive care for some time afterwards. Luckily, Ozzy made a full recovery.

Patrick Stewart Puts His Foot in His Mouth

Some public injuries aren’t physically painful, but can still be incredibly damaging. Patrick’s reputation for being a professional took a serious hit during the Glamour awards in 2010, where he took exception to comments made by larger-than-life comedian James Corden. Reprimanding the cheeky not-so-funny-man for having his hands in his pockets and cringingly saying that he could ‘see his belly’ from the back of the room, Jean-Luc didn’t do himself so many favours.

Jarman Pierces a Kidney

If you’ve ever been to Leeds, then you’ll be aware that the locals know how to party. Cribs frontman Ryan Jarman might be considered something of a slightly overzealous trailblazer in this department, when the singer landed back-first on a table full of glasses and bottles at the NME awards in 2006. The injuries he sustained to his kidneys required two hospital visits, and a hefty amount of stitches.

This article is written by Mike who works for UK Safe Meds as a qualified dispenser. When he’s not working, he likes to workout in his local gym.

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