DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar Cart

Bar carts can add flare and class to any party. A stocked bar cart with a permanent place in a home gives off an old-school vibe, reminding us of a time when it was unspeakable to have guests in your home without offering them a drink. Sounds great, but who wants to spend a fortune on a cart that isn’t used daily? Well today, that’s no problem. It’s easy to create your own bar cart on a budget that looks classy as well.


Truthfully, whatever materials you have handy can likely be used to create a personalized bar cart. The style of bar cart you decide to create can range from rustic to modern, giving off different visual impressions sure to impress guests and add a sleek edge to your home.


There are many different styles of bar cart to choose from. The industrial, stainless steel look is trending at the moment, but really any kind of metal looks sleek and well put together. Pick a wooden cart for a more rustic look, while glass and metal combinations look modern and exceptionally attractive as well.


Amazon is one option for picking out an inexpensive bar cart. Simply search Amazon for “bar cart” and an entire list of people selling them pops up. A lot are pricey and high end, but there are also bound to be some that are less expensive and used. Pick one that matches the style you prefer — you can always spruce it up later!

Harbor Freight

If Amazon does not have bar carts you’re interested in purchasing, check if there is a Harbor Freight store in your area. Harbor Freight is a store that sells high-quality tools at discounted prices.

Sprucing It Up

Once you find a bar cart, there are a lot of options for sprucing it up. If you bought an older looking, metal bar cart, you can scrape off old paint/rust, clean it with a cloth, coat a layer of paint primer on it and then paint on the color of your choice. Wooden bar carts are easy to paint over as well because there’s no scraping necessary.

Alternative Materials

However, if you were unable to find a bar cart, there are many alternative materials you can use instead to create the same effect.

For instance, you can use a chair’s base. How, you ask? Well, think about a director’s chair. The crisscrossed legs create the base of your cart. Then, find a square and a wooden tray to lay on top. After that, attach the tray to the base and then bring the two pieces together with a coat of paint!

You can also use piping to create a framework for your bar cart. Simply connect the pipes until you have a shape you find suitable. It’s best if you create two rectangles parallel to each other and then connect them near the bottom and at the top. After your frame is done, find a couple planks of wood. Prime and stain them to your liking, and lay them on top of framework and at the bottom. You now have an industrial, modern-looking bar cart.

With such a wide variety of materials to choose from, there is an option for everybody. Next time you see an expensive bar cart at the store, keep on walking and know there is a way to make one of the same or better quality for less money.

Written by the staff at Willie’s Pub and Pool. Willie’s has great drink specials and is one of the most atmospheric bars in Columbia MO.