Decorating A Balanced Household For Both Parents And Children

Decorating A Balanced Household For Both Parents And Children

When many people think of making a home child friendly, the thought of a family with small children comes to mind. However, there are many reasons why all homes should take necessary steps to be child friendly and safe for little ones. For example, you might plan to have children in the future, or you might have friends and family with children come to your home for visits. Alan Spencer from gives us his expertise on why it’s best to prepare your home for a family. ┬áIf you ever sell your home, a child friendly home is more appealing to others with those same needs.

Make your Home Safe and Child Friendly

While you want to make your home safe and child friendly, you also want to cater to the adults in the household at the same time. One way to look at this is to create specific spaces where children have their fun and to separate these spaces from the rest of your home. However, all areas should be child safe, but it just helps when doing this to really focus on providing this even more in child specific areas of the home. Furthermore, it helps balance everything out for the adults so that they have their child free spaces as well. This way there are also those mature and calm environments in your household.

You’re in need of catering to child safety as well as children’s interests, but the balance has to be in play so that you’re not overwhelmed. One way you can help this happen is by creating a secret storage space for your children’s toys. Even if toys are stored on shelves and put away nicely, the visual can be rather overwhelming, especially if your children have a tons of toys.

Keeping toys out of the way is more visually appealing and reduces the amount of clutter in your home. Besides, kids enjoy having secret compartments for their toys. These can be special toy boxes or even footstools that secretly opening up as well as other unique furniture items. Plus things like the footstools serve more than one purpose as you can prop your feet up when the ottoman or footstool is closed.

Another creative way to store toys and stuffed animals is by placing hangings or curtains on them. This decoratively covers up the toys while still providing easy access to them for your children. Imagine seeing a stylish curtain over a toy shelf space instead of transformers, other action figures, dolls and teddy bears staring out at you.

Temporary Decorations are Great Ideas for Storage Space as Well.

This is due to the fact that children continue to grow and of course this means both their interests and space needs change. These types of solutions are also great for grandparent’s homes and other relatives who might not have kids in their home all the time but could use this type of storage for toys for when the kids do arrive.

Now as for the Children’s Rooms.

You need to think creatively as well, your child might want the expensive race car bed, but then two years later he’s outgrown the interest. Instead, purchase really cool sheets and blankets that are much more inexpensive to replace. Carpets and walls should be kept plain and simple and instead you should be focusing on more cost-effective changes that can be made continuously as your child grows up so that their decorative needs are met.

You know that Kids Like to Draw on Things!

This can include walls, so, either create a blackboard section on a wall where the kids can draw or invest in those special markers that are easily erasable. Furthermore, allow your kids to help with the redecoration process at times because they are going to be more respectful about their environments if they have helped create them.

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