Tips For Keeping Your Teeth Clean

Taking care of your teeth is a simple task which requires you to follow a daily regimen of flossing, brushing and using mouth wash to rid your mouth of harmful germs.

Avoiding sugary or sticky foods and flossing immediately after consuming problem foods can keep your mouth clean and free from tooth decay and gum disease.

Be disciplined. Maintaining oral hygiene is simple but difficult at times if you’re a frequent traveler or maintain a busy schedule. Make caring for your teeth a priority in your life.

Pick the Right Foods

Stay away from sticky foods. Sugary, sticky foods damage the enamel on your teeth. Ditch soda and down a few bottles of water instead. Eat plenty of healthy vegetables to take care of your body and your chompers.

Don’t chew seeds on a frequent basis because doing so damages your molars. Seeds also tend to get stuck between your teeth and are difficult to remove.

Gargle with Mouth Wash

Using a fluoride mouth wash fortifies your teeth and keeps your mouth clear of harmful bacteria. Be careful not to swallow mouth wash to avoid any stomach problems. Gargle and swish the mouth wash around your teeth, tongue and gums to clean your mouth.

Use mouth wash before you go to sleep to kill harmful germs and to brighten your smile. Using mouth wash before you sleep conditions you to follow a daily ritual which will serve you well in the long run.


Floss your teeth to remove germs which grow through food accumulating in between your teeth. Flossing also helps to avoid gum disease. Use a floss pick or floss reel to clean in between your teeth.

Floss your teeth daily to take care of your mouth. After you eat foods like corn, peanut butter and caramel floss to remove the sticky residue or flaky particles which build up in between your teeth.

Flossing helps to reach areas which you can’t clean by brushing your teeth. Easy does it on the flossing front. Gently massage your gums as you floss your teeth to avoid damaging either your gums or your teeth.

Brush Effectively

Brush your teeth twice daily to take care of your pearly whites. Each session should last at least 2 minutes to thoroughly clean your teeth and mouth. Brush your tongue as well as the front and back of your teeth for a complete cleaning. Brush before going to bed and in the morning after waking.

Make sure to brush at the gum line and below this level to take care of your gums. Reducing the risk of suffering from gum disease requires you to brush this area diligently.

Have Implants Placed

If you have lost teeth through either injury or neglect, get dental implants to brighten your smile, to boost your self confidence and to improve your ability to chew properly. The procedure can be performed in one day and can instantly create a surge in your self esteem.