4 Effective Facebook Business Promotion Tips and Pointers For Growing Your Social Outreach

Social media marketing has become an inevitable part of every business marketing campaign, and the kind of exposure that you get with the help of social media is simply incomparable to any other promotional technique. Today, companies are not hesitating to invest big amounts on social media promotion. There is no other better way to engage with target audience than connecting to them over social media platforms.

Where Can You Promote Your Business?

You can find lot of platforms to promote your brand and products on social networking sites. Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google+ and Facebook are few popularly used sites for promotion. These sites provide a great platform to bring the consumers and companies together.

Facebook is ahead of all the other social sites in terms of popularity and reach. We can see companies taking all possible efforts for increasing their Facebook popularity. Today, consumers like being informed about everything and companies need to provide their consumers with all the updates.

4 Effective Tips to Promote Your Business on FB

Considering these facts, here are few tips to promote you business effectively on Facebook –

1. Firstly, you should create a simple informative business profile page on Facebook. Don’t falsify your image; portray your actual image because it is all about building relationship and connections. By hiding the reality, you will never be able to build long term relations. Educate your audience about yourself and then about the business and offerings.

2. The main motive behind any kind of social campaign is to grab as much attention as possible. Higher the number of people who see your advertisement, better will be the response generated. So, how can you ensure this? Well, it’s very simple and that is by getting more number of likes for your corporate Facebook page.

The best thing about Facebook is the chain of connectivity that it provides. If 500 people like your page, then this information will be flashed on the page of the friends of those 500 people as well and this just goes on and on. The way in which messages spread across Facebook is magical and exponential in nature. So, the first thing to do is get at least 1000 Facebook likes. If you are not able to do this, then you can even buy Facebook likes to increase your range of audience, and then slowly build upon that.

3. The landing page of your account should be designed in an interactive way. Carrying out an advertising campaign is not very difficult. Facebook provides its users with good options to create and promote ad campaigns. Until and unless you have something that can add value to your viewers, you don’t have to worry about other things. The response depends upon your ability to design the advertisement attractively. The approach should be very humble when you ask for views and shares.

4. Finally, always test your campaigns before taking it live. The responses of men and women are different towards a same ad. Thus, testing will help you in making your ad more effective and impactful. Only when you receive the desired responses through your testing, you can take the ad live.

These are very basic tips for promoting your business through Facebook. But, more often than not, the basic stuff is ignored in the blind race of being first in the competition. And, the end result is that you end up achieving nothing!

Tom Robinson runs an online marketing company. He has designed and promoted ad campaigns for many top companies. He also owns a marketing related blog, where he keeps sharing his insights and views about various types of marketing strategies.