Decorated Easy For Gel Nails

Currently, gel nails are a great attraction for industry manicure. A perfect way to have a long and healthy nails sight of a fast. But the passionate world of nails we are not satisfied with just that, but in addition we have the best decorated our nails and if possible do it all ourselves.

How can you decorate your gel nails?

What designs are most get along?

We have now selected some easy decorations for gel nails have liked a lot and I also explain how you can do it step by step.

But first, let’s start at the beginning…

What are Gel Nails?

This is a type of artificial nail which is composed of gel (or is not a solid or liquid material) and overlying the natural nail. The gel nails are prefabricated molds are placed on top of the natural nail and adapt perfectly to the shape of the nail so they appear natural yours. Once placed may shaping, cutting, painting and design to your liking. They can last weeks or even months. This depends on many factors.

You can do gel nails at home with a little skill and patience or you can go to a beauty salon for you to put them in any case you have the possibility to decorate to your taste and this is where we wanted to help today.

Normally, any artificial nail is usually considerably longer than the natural nail, so you’ll likely do the French manicure with some decoration above and bright, flowers, and subtle lines or squares … But when these longer nails and have more space to put enamel, it is also time to build and display our art on nails.

Here we show three sets that seem interesting to us in gel nails and we explain how to paint your nails step by step.

3 Decorators Gel Nails Easy to do 

Nails with Black Tie

The first set that we selected is a French manicure with pink bow. This design is widely used because it is simple but with a twist.

To make this scenario, do yourself a French manicure as usual but using pink instead of white first. After a fine black nail brush traces the loop. And lastly, paint a white dot in the center of the loop. By applying a layer of clear nail polish will get a touch gloss finish your design.

French Manicure with Black Tip

This set we like very much because it is subtle while feminine and simple.It is about making the usual French manicure but using black instead of white enamel to the tip of the nail. Have also drawn some hearts nail image, which we love to put a small ornament to the nail.

Degraded Nails

The effect of degrading nails is a technique used to create degradation effect with different colored enamels.

Get this design is easier than you think. You will need a sponge we use to get foundation and paint it a line with each of enamel going to use (all straight lines). Then comes “stamp” the enamel sponge on your nail. Remove the glaze to stay off the nail polish remover and apply a final coat of polish your nails or top coat.

Now you have three easy sets for gel nails that you can make for yourself. Hope you like and would love to only resolve to us your own designs. Visit Nail salon in Manhattan NY and Cheap Manicures in Manhattan NY for cheap but high quality service.