Camouflaging Your Safe

It is important to keep your gun safe protected, no matter the circumstances. Sometimes this includes finding new and unique ways to hide your safe. It doesn’t matter if you keep your gun, or other valuable belongings inside. Make sure to protect your belongings the best ways possible.
Safes are designed to be impenetrable. Even if somebody were able to break into your home, safes that are designed right would keep him or her out. When your home is broken into, burglars have a limited amount of time to work with. Even if your safe is able to withstand the insistence of an intruder, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will come away completely unharmed. It still has the potential of being inflicted with dents, scratches, and other negative blemishes. Rather than allowing this to happen, protect your safe by keeping it hidden.
Keeping your safe hidden can also reduce the chances of your home being broken into. If your safe is out in the open where those passing by can see it, you have a higher chance of a break-in. Protect your belongings, as well as your safe, by camouflaging it into your home.

Wall Safes

There are many different types of safes that can be inserted right into the wall. Rather than being displayed out in the open, a hidden gun safe will keep your belongings protected behind an unknown picture, wooden hanger, or almost anything else.
For these wall safes, it is best not to invest in one that uses stock photos for protection, but rather one that has your own unique photo. This is similar to a hide-a-key. By using one that everybody knows about, others will be able to locate your safe, and get access you don’t want them to have.
Things that seem as though they would be functional can be secret doors to your safe. Get a cover that looks like a metal vent, or even a utility cabinet for those who need a larger area. These models still have the same functional keys and locks, but add an extra level of security for the contents of your safe.

In the Furniture

In case of an emergency, you want your gun to be as close to you as possible. Some of the best places for a hidden safe are right in your bedroom. This keeps it away from prying eyes when you have visitors, but close enough in case of an emergency, especially during the night.
Some safes can be disguised as drawers in a nightstand. If anybody does try and break-in, the drawer will not open for them, keeping your belongings safe. With these types of safes, it is essential to keep your nightstand securely in place. This could mean tying it to other structures in the room, or bolting it down to the floor.
There are various types of gun safes that could be installed into the bed, or even into the couch. These are more unique, but have many benefits. For these types of camouflaged safes, it is best to keep guns and other objects in there for long-term storage rather than emergency situations. These safes can be made fireproof as well, withstanding even the worst disasters.
One of the most beneficial things about camouflaged safes is that by nature, these should take up less room than a normal vault. For example, the bed safes keep your belongings safe from intruders, but it also gives them a place to be stored without taking up any extra room. This allows you to utilize space that would have otherwise been lost.

In the Car

For those who have concealed weapons permits, transporting your gun in the car can sometimes seem like a difficult task. There are hidden safes that can be installed right into the console.  These gun safes are functional, and not many would think to look here. They come with a lock for the best protection for your weapons.
If you don’t feel comfortable storing your gun out in the open of your car, place a hidden safe under the seat. This will be difficult for thieves to steal, and keep your most valuable belongings safe.
It is important to store your weapons safely, but there are other belongings that need the same protection. Use hidden gun safes to keep your things as safe as they can be.

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By +Cassie Costner
Cassie Costner writes on the best ways to utilize your gun safe. Having researched, she is interested in how gun owners choose to use their safes, and what items those who don’t own guns store inside.