Natural Ways To Improve Your Hearing Effectively

Using natural methods to improve your hearing can augment electronic devices such as hearing aids. If you’ve noticed significant hearing loss consider employing a series of holistic strategies to improve your hearing.

It may feel frustrating to ask people to repeat themselves but if you’re willing to follow a few basic tips you can reduce your frustrations and carry on conversations with less effort.

Reduce Environment Noise

Placing yourself in quiet environments helps you reduce damage to your ears and slows down hearing loss. Be mindful of your chosen surroundings. Protect your ears from shrill or loud noises by reducing your time spent around construction sites or loud music concerts. If you live in a hospital zone think through creative methods to reduce your exposure to wailing sirens from ambulances. Think about keeping your windows closed and air conditioning humming during warm weather months to muffle the screaming or sirens.

Protective devices like ear plugs and ear muffs can help reduce loud outside noises largely. Working in a noisy environment requires you to use such devices to block out the endless flood of sounds which can damage your ability to hear. Think through your use of ear phones to drown out noise. You may be harming your ears more than helping yourself to concentrate. Hearing a steady ringing sensation in your ears means the music from your ear phones is too loud. Turn down the volume to improve your hearing.

Remove Earwax Build Up

A thick build up of earwax can adversely affect your hearing. Use safe methods to remove earwax. Carefully use cotton buds to clear out excess wax. Don’t jab around aggressively to clean your eyes. Doing so could perforate your ear drum. Gently work the swab around to remove wax. Consider taking a hot shower before your cleaning session to loosen up earwax. Steam can make your job easier.

Eat Nutritious Foods

Consuming the right foods helps you to preserve and protect your inner ear cells. Take in vitamin E, vitamin C and antioxidants to help your inner ear cells and improve your hearing. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables helps satisfy your nutritious requirements. Consume oranges, lemons and blueberries to boost your immune function and improve your hearing. Consider supplementing if you find yourself particularly stressed or nutrient deficient.


Going for a jog can improve your overall wellness but performing ear exercises can improve your hearing. The ear can benefit greatly from sustained, persistent exercising similar to any other body part. Hold a conversation with the radio turned on. Such an exercise helps you to filter out background noise. This technique can improve your hearing. Make sure you keep the volume at a reasonable level. The goal is to tune into the conversation versus trying to drown out loud noise which could damage your ear drums.

Patiently use these natural methods to improve your hearing. You won’t see improvements overnight but with steady exercise and a greater mindfulness of your surroundings you’ll be hearing better in no time.