Winter Warmers – Footwear

The warm days of summer are all but a distant memory and it’s time to pack away the flip flops and sandals for another year. Wet and cool weather in autumn requires a different sort of footwear, and a more practical approach to what to put on your feet every day. The shops are full of all sorts of different winter shoes, boots and trainers, but how do you choose what thing is best for your feet and lifestyle.


It’s fair to say that not everyone will have just one pair of shoes in their wardrobe but the start of autumn is the ideal time to take stock of what you have and think about what you are planning to buy over the next few months. A winter essential is a pair of shoes which will stand up to walking home in the rain or snow, and which will keep your feet warm and dry. If this sort of practical shoe is not what you want to be seen at work in, keep the impractical stilettoes in your desk drawer and switch footwear when you arrive and before you leave.


A pair of winter boots in a wardrobe classic and there is a huge range on the market. Fly London boots are a great choice in terms of both value for money and style, and they will keep you warm in even the snowiest of weather. As well as your Fly London boots, it is a good idea to invest in a basic pair of wellies, as there is nothing better to wear in really severe rain and snow. Wellies don’t have to be boring and black. Although the classic black or green wellies are still a popular choice, boots are available in a wide range of patterns and colours too. Buy special long length welly socks to keep with your feet warm as they can soon get cold in rubber wellies.


If you’re on a mission to lose some weight or tone up in time for the Christmas party season, it’s a good time to think about buying a new pair of training shoes. There is a bewildering array of different shoes on the market, all designed to be used for different sports. Take advice from the experts at your local sports store and make sure you try on shoes before buying; this is not the time to be surfing online for cheap bargains which you find at a later date don’t fit well.

Party Shoes

If you’re planning on buying a new dress or outfit for the party season, get the shoes at the same time. There is nothing worse than getting the perfect dress early in the autumn then rushing round the shops the weekend before the party trying to find the right pair of shoes. Buying everything together means that the stress is off when it comes to accessories. Choosing a classic pair of shoes which go with many different outfits means you will be able to avoid many other similar shopping trips in the future.

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