The Top 10 College Degrees For Our Military Veterans

The Top 10 College Degrees For Our Military Veterans

Military veterans are for the most a well-respected group of people in our country. Many soldiers opt to go to college when they return, so here are ten of the top degree choices that a military veteran should consider when they are back on American soil:

1. Physical Therapy

Ask any veteran and they will tell you that the combat boots, gear and training can cause even the most well-conditioned service member to have muscle issues. Because they understand these issues, they would be more sympathetic to those suffering from them. A career in physical therapy is often a good choice for a veteran as a result.

2. Nursing

Another career that is good for veterans would be nursing. The reason is because most veterans have a wealth of basic medical knowledge after their service days are over.

3. Paramedics

Military service is a good way to prepare you to deal with emergency services. As a result of the many split-second decision making skills that a veteran must make, some are drawn to a career an EMT. Because an EMT has to rely on their training in an emergency situation, those who have served in the military are sometimes well-equipped for this field.

4. Firefighters

Like a paramedic, firefighters often have to make life-altering decisions in a split second. Because of the similar training that veterans go through, they also have an advantage over the ordinary civilian when it comes to obtaining a degree and job in this field.

5. Criminal Justice

Obtaining a criminal justice degree is often a wise move for a veteran. The reason is because they are already accustomed to dangerous situations, so the training they receive will be old-hat for them by the time they elect to serve as a peace officer. Moreover, many colleges offer a criminal justice completely online, including the New York City and Miami-based ASA College.

6. Engineering

Many service members engage in complicated math patterns as a part of their job. If you were in a math-related position in the service, then an engineering degree might be the right path for you.

7. Network Management

New digital and computer-related technologies are constantly being introduced within the military and those that show an aptitude for programming could easily earn a network management degree as a civilian.

8. Education

Service members have a patience and work ethic instilled in them that often will lend itself very well to a an education degree.

9. Information Security

Cyber terrorism is becoming commonplace in today’s world. Many veterans who have been exposed to digital services will be able to earn a challenging degree in Information Security and protect our country from cyber-attacks.

10. Computer Science

Finally, a regular computer science degree is sometimes right up a serviceperson’s alley. Their early exposure to computers in the service lends itself excellently to obtaining a computer science degree.

The sky is truly the limit for those who have served in the military. These and many other careers await the brave veterans who daily sacrifice so much for you and me.