A Beginner’s Guide To Business Broadband

The internet is a fundamental resource for any business today, whether you’re a small company that uses it for emails and research or you’re in an industry that is completely reliant on internet services. Like any tariff, it’s important to shop around when searching for a broadband provider for business, but knowing what to look for other than price can be difficult if you’re not already clued up on technology. To introduce you to the basics when choosing broadband services for your company, take a read of this short guide.

Deciphering the Deals

When trying to find a fast fix for your internet requirements, it’s easy to get drawn in by loose statements that sound impressive, but are a little misleading. For example, a company could offer speeds of ‘up to 35mbps from £15 per month,’ but that doesn’t mean you will get that speed at the stated price. The real speed when applied to the unique conditions and usage of your firm could be much different, either resulting in super slow broadband or super high costs.

Why does it matter exactly? Well, if your internet isn’t up to speed (literally), productivity of your staff can be much lower, the risk of downtime is higher, and you will be unable to take advantage of fantastic resources such as internet-based telephone services (VoIP) and conference calls. For this reason, more and more companies are investing in fibre broadband, to get superfast speeds and a higher capacity on their network that will meet current requirements and set them up for any further expansions in the future.

How to Get Help

Did you know that business owners are entitled to faster broadband grants of up to £3000? Until March 2015, businesses in 22 cities throughout the UK https://www.connectionvouchers.co.uk/cities/ can apply for grant vouchers to pay for the installation of high-speed internet systems for their company. If your firm is located in one of these cities, now is the perfect time to upgrade your communications system with the help of a government grant.

Financial assistance isn’t the only way that your company can reduce the burden of improving its broadband capabilities. For small businesses especially, time can be just as valuable as money. And if no one on your team is very hot on technology, finding the right service provider for your needs can be largely guesswork. By enlisting the help of an independent telecoms expert, you can ensure that your site gets the best ‘real speed’ in the most cost-effective package for your needs.

Get the best deal and ensure that your company’s communications run smoothly by shopping around for business broadband packages that ‘do what they say on the tin’ and meet your current and future needs. Financial assistance can make investing in fibre optics feasible, whilst industry experts can take the research off your shoulders to deliver you a range of options that suit your budget and requirements. Act before March 2015 so that you don’t miss out on the government grant!

Article written by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam, a freelance copywriter from Yorkshire. You can follow her @KellyGGrassam. This article was written with helpful information from Option Box.