Aiming For Success: How To Get Noticed By Executive Recruitment Specialists

With the surge of professionals constantly entering the job market, the traditional job hunting tactics may no longer work. You may have to rely on the skills of an executive recruitment specialist to take you on and guide towards your desired career path. With so many out there with the same goals, it can become extremely difficult to get noticed in the crowd. You need to be able to prove you are more than capable of performing the job they need. But what do you need in order for a recruiter to jump start your career? Here are some suggestions that might improve your chances;

Email your CV

Cold calling can be extremely ineffective nowadays, with email now being the preferred method of contact. To help the recruiter ensure that you are being assessed for the right role and for your CV to not get lost in the flood of emails, put the position you are applying for and your name at the top. For example Products and Market Development Manager- John Smith.

 Be known as the expert

Recruiters are looking for people to fit the role they are recruiting for, they want someone with specific skills and experience. Tailor your CV so it can reflect the experience that you feel will make you an excellent candidate for the role. Include an executive profile at the top of your CV so that it gives the recruiter a snapshot of your experience, as this may increase your chances of being picked.

Be noticed for your success

Recruiters will want to sell your CV to their clients, so listi your achievements and accomplishments. The more you list, the more the recruiter has to make you come across as a success and someone of value. Use examples such as outcomes and numbers for each company you have worked for.  Being active in your sector will give you the examples you need to outshine the other candidates.


When applying for a position, be sure to include a cover letter that explains your interest in the role, and the company. The letter should be tailored to reflect your career goals and path. This will prove to the recruiter that you have done research into the company. The letter should also include your realistic salary expectations.


Try and establish a good relationship with a range of executive recruiters, this may increase your chances of being picked for a position and assisting in your search. It is also a good idea to research various firms that cater to the career of your choice.

In conclusion, getting noticed by an executive recruiter, updating your CV with the relevant information, is very similar to standard job hunting. Personality and cultural fit is as important as having the relevant skills, providing as much information about your work ethics will give the recruiters a chance to match you to a specific challenge. Following these tips may give you an excellent head start in beating the competition, for further information, it is worth contacting an executive recruitment firm. 

Harry Price is a free-lance writer who enjoys playing poker with the guys, contributing to technology research and spending time with his family and dogs.