5 Questions To Ask Colleges Once You Are Accepted

5 Questions To Ask Colleges Once You Are Accepted
Getting into college is the hard part, but once you are accepted, all you have to do is prepare yourself for the journey ahead. Preparing yourself for the journey of college requires a lot of things, but one of these requirements is to make sure you are organized and that you know exactly what you need to do on your first day of college. For instance, you need to know where your dorm is, what day orientation is, and where you can sign up for classes. Knowing the answers to these questions requires asking your college a series of very important questions. Here are five questions to ask colleges once you are accepted.

  • 1. How do I transfer over my credits. In some cases, you can transfer over some of your high school or community college courses, especially if those courses were advanced placement units. Knowing how to transfer over these credits is important, because it may allow you to skip courses that you don’t need. This is important, because not only do you not want to take superfluous classes, but you also want to skip the prerequisite courses and get straight to the interesting stuff.
  • 2. Where can I find out about college news and information? At any given college, there is a list of sporting events, performances, meetings and other important occasions that you may want to be a part of as a member of your collegiate community. So, make sure that you ask your college how you can find out about this information. There may be a community board or a website where you can access an annual calendar. When it comes down to it, there’s just certain events you most definitely don’t want to miss, because certain community meetings go over important information that could directly affect your college experience.
  • 3. Can I sign up for online classes? Sometimes, online classes can be a great way to manage your time and speed up the college experience. You may want to supplement a few of your in-class courses with online classes, because it could also save you money. For instance, you could visithttp://www.onlinemba.neu.edu to get your MBA degree online. When it comes to streamlining your college experience, online courses are convenient and you can complete them from anywhere at anytime.
  • 4. When is orientation day? This is an important question, because orientation day is the day that you will get the lay of the land. Having this information before you start college is important, because you want to familiarize yourself with as well as possible with your college campus. It is important to know where the dorm is, the commissary, and where the campus police station is. When it comes down to it, college safety is vital as a young student.
  • 5. Where is the career center? At the end of the day, you are really going to college to increase your chances of getting a career that is fulfilling and rewarding – both intellectually and financially. So, you want to know where you can meet with career counselors, because they can help guide you on the process of going from college to your chosen career.