5 Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Custom Shade Sails

Many people rightfully believe that shade sails are by far one of the cleverest and useful inventions that everyone seems to be able to make use of. One of the biggest selling points of shade sails in general is that they are very durable, can be easily carried anywhere and can be used almost every day. They are great travelling companions especially if you live in a location like Sydney, here the climate is really sunny and the shades are a definite must have. However, because there are now several types of shade sails available people are spoilt for choice. That said some people may find it more convenient to get custom shade sails. Custom shades are built to your specifications right down to how it looks which gives homeowners a lot of control over the final product. But there are a number of things you may want to keep in mind when getting them custom made.

Never go for so called Cheap Sail Shades

Cheap when it comes to shade sails almost always means low quality material which translates to less durability and hence a shorter life. The problem with many of the businesses that sell these shades is that they are trying to beat the competition with price and not quality. In order to avoid becoming a victim of this war you shouldn’t consider the price but rather the quality of the shade. When ordering custom shade sails, make sure that you take a look at a few of their finished shades. Pay close attention to the seams, the overall quality of the material and ask if they provide you with any sort of warranty. These are important questions because you certainly do not want to be going through the whole exercise of buying another shade a few months later.

Make sure that the custom Shade Sails are Waterproof

Regardless, of if the shade sails will be installed as part of providing your extra car with some shade or to protect your swimming pool from becoming too hot it has to be waterproof and UV resistant. Many people may overlook the UV resistance factor but it shouldn’t be overlooked because it will make sure that your children and guests are protected when they are relaxing in the pool, they will not experience dangerous sun burns and other skin issues. There are shade sail fabrics that have a 98% close out limit which happens to be the best when it comes to shieling everyone from dangerous levels of UV. If you are not too familiar with the various types of custom shade sail fabrics then do a bit of research to find which are the most durable, waterproof and UV resistant ones available where you live.

Compare and Contrast

When you come across a cheaper sail shade fabric a good thing to do before you decide to buy is to compare it to a more expensive fabric, then decide if you want to buy it. If you live in a particularly windy part of the planet you may want to buy a thick fabric which does not easily tear. If you live in a place that is sunny pretty much at all times of the year then make sure that the fabric does not easily lose its color because if that happens it will look shabby. People in sunny climates may want to choose a light color but a shade that offers UV protection.

Decide between Water safe and Proof

Waterproof custom shade sails are what they are understood to be i.e. they are water proof but water safe shades are ones that are especially treated to repulse water. But it does not mean they don’t get soaked. As a rule of thumb you may want to buy a custom shade sail that is waterproof for your garage but a water safe one for your pool. If it rains a lot where you live then choose a waterproof one.

The Right establishment

The overall nature of the shade sail establishment is very important. You may want to choose one which is secured by steel as opposed to one which is secured by rope which is prone to twist, tear, and split when hit by high speed winds.

  • Caring For Your Sun Sail Shade

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