5 Things To Consider When In The Market For A Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician is an electrician who has years of experience with commercial electronics. This usually means experience with repairing and installing an array of different types of commercial electrical equipment. However, the major difference between a regular electrician who can sort out most domestic electrical issues and a commercial electrician lies in the fact that commercial electricians are a lot more experienced with complicated electronic structures like that of shops, factories, malls and warehouses. These are the people you need to call when your mall’s central cooling system is failing or when the lifts are not working. But there are a few things you need to consider prior to just calling up any commercial electrician to work for you.

They need to know how to read blueprints

One of the things that distinguish commercial electricians from regular ones is their ability to read and understand blueprints. This is because on a construction site these electricians need to understand and then determine where to place electrical conduits as well as an array of other components like relays, and power boards. They also need to understand how the location of these electrical conduits will affect other unrelated and related components which are a part of the building’s structure. So, before you hire make sure that the person you are hiring knows and has a history of following the instructions on the blueprints precisely so that the components and conduits are easily located for upgrade and maintenance purposes.

They should understand site safety regulations

It is important for the commercial electrician that you hire to understand and comply with all present safety regulations which apply to your site and sites in general, not just relating to electricity. It is imperative that commercial electricians read and then properly understand all the required safety regulations which relate to the site in question. This includes ones which are posted on the site and those which are given to them. They also have a responsibility to inform the on duty site supervisor when they are working with items like live cables which can be dangerous to other people on the site. This is so that appropriate measures are taken in order to ensure that all everyone at the site is safe.

Installation of Equipment

Commercial electricians need to know how to install or fix electrical equipment. The electrical equipment they install will vary depending on the project and there are some electricians that specialize in some types of equipment like farming equipment or factory equipment which includes manufacturing equipment as compared to others who may specialize in installing escalators and lifts. So, the commercial electricians that you hire need to have in-depth knowledge of things like heavy duty electric motors and how to configure the electronic components in heavy machines. They should also know how to install heating and cooling systems complete with power components and wiring.

Be fully insured

A commercial electrician and the team they work with needs to be fully insured. An insurance policy will cover any personal injuries as a result of accidents as well as property damage. If you hire a commercial electrician who does not have insurance then there is a good chance that you’ll be held responsible for the damages. In most countries around the world commercial electricians who are true professionals are backed up by a solid insurance policy, and so is the team that they work with, since most employers will check their insurance. Don’t make the mistake of hiring electricians who are not insured.

Complete projects on time

Commercial electrical projects can be huge and take months to complete. That said delays and detours can often ruin the project and even cause it to go over budget. Usually delays occur when the commercial electrician is either working too slow or is making too many mistakes which he then needs to go back to correct multiple times. This is why it’s always a good idea to hire professionals like Australia based Quick Connect electrical, the company has a history of completing some of the largest commercial projects on time and have an established name in the industry.

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Mark has been a commercial electrician for over two decades. He has worked on some of the largest projects in the country and has a reputation for problem solving. In addition he has written extensively about electrical repairs and has authored a number of DIY articles intended for regular people who want to install electrical equipment themselves.