How The Door To Your Business Can Save You Money

Smart business owners know the importance of cost reduction. While you may have done money-saving calculations down to a fraction of a cent, one of the most cost-effective practices has nothing to do with the way your company is run, and everything to do with the physical structure of your business.

Installing the proper commercial door is one of the best ways for your business to save on cash in the long term. Why? Let’s have a look.

Reduce energy costs.

Temperature control costs can reach astronomical proportions for businesses, yet these are some of the easiest expenditures to reduce with the right commercial door. Overhead insulated doors are an investment that delivers immediate savings. These doors have the dual benefit of keeping spaces warm during the winter season and cool during the summer months.
That means that insulated commercial doors are much more energy efficient than standard commercial doors. The savings on heating and cooling costs are immediate, and within several months, these doors pay for themselves. Overhead Door is a great resource to learn more about insulated doors.
But it’s not just insulated doors that save your business money. Herculite doors, automatic glass doors, and insulated roll up doors all provide varying degrees of energy efficiency to maximize your savings.

Avoid costly damages with the right security and protection.

Whether you’re looking to keep your interior safe from intruders, the elements, or the unexpected, proper security will reduce long term costs to your business. Commercial and industrial buildings can benefit the most from roll up service doors, which feature galvanized steel slats for maximum security, and weather seals that protect your space from adverse weather.
Security savings go beyond the door itself. Businesses of all types can benefit economically from the right protection. Door access controls can be easily installed almost anywhere, from interior doors and employee access doors to security gates. By keeping you, your property, and your employees safe, access controls can dramatically reduce costly damages to your business.

Minimize repair costs by increasing door longevity.

If you’ve got a commercial door in a high-traffic area of your business, high-cycle settings can maximize the life of your door. High-cycle options are ideal for businesses with doors that have to be opened several times a day. With the proper spring and barrel assembly outfitted on your commercial door, you’ll be good to go for up to 10,000 cycles.
What’s more, installing a cycle counter will also keep you up to speed on the number of cycles for proper maintenance. While high-cycle doors are convenient and easy to use, one of their greatest benefits is the savings to your business: when you use a quality high-cycle door, you keep your overall repair costs to a minimum.
You can ensure even more long terms savings by combining cost-efficient elements on your commercial door. For example, by installing an insulated, high-cycle door outfitted with the proper security measures, you can save your business thousands each year.
It’s what smart business owners do.
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Stella Cushing is a freelance writer in the greater Seattle area. She wrote this piece for Vortex Doors, a commercial door repair company with locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas and the Western United States.