How To Boost Your Employee’s Satisfaction

Keeping your employees happy is completely key to a successful business and it can be hard to know what to do if there is general low morale. Every employer from entry level staff to managers and directors deserves to feel valued and deserves to feel satisfied in their job. Below are some top tips for boosting your employee’s satisfaction and keeping it on track.

Respect Them

Your employees need to feel like their respected and their opinions are valued. No, they may not be about to  change the structure of the company but feedback, regular appraisals and time spent listening to their concerns shows respect and understanding for their point of view. Ensure regular meetings and appraisals are available for all employees.

Open Door Policy

This should be standard at all companies. Your employees should feel there is someone, perhaps not the CEO although this is great if possible, they can always go to talk to. An open door policy gives employees a degree of comfort in their job and they know however they feel or whatever maybe affecting their work can be discussed and no judgment will be passed.

Battle the Basics

Satisfaction in the workplace can be down due to administrative issues. Perhaps there are constant tech issues or the printer is always on the blink. Having a well maintained and managed workplace will help employees settle into their work without constantly feeling dissatisfied and unhappy with the facilities provided to them. The modern office has to offer everything an employee needs if they are going to work to the best of their ability.

Creativity and Personality

Your business may not lend itself well to individual personalities and creative thought but there should be a way of allowing for it. Mundane jobs are hard and very few employees can remain satisfied in it therefore give employees a little leeway, creativity could boost your business. The same can be said of personality, you may have strict brand guidelines but allowing employees to add their own flavour doesn’t hurt. Robotic, automated employees are not the face you want for your business.

Offer Transparency

Your employees will respect you if you’re honest and transparent. They want to know they can trust you and feel secure in their roles. Transparency in business really matters and therefore even if there is bad news to share employees should be given the full blow by blow account of it. It may be difficult but your employees will feel more satisfied in the long run if they have a true picture of where the company is at and where it’s headed.

Rewards and Incentives

You can’t hand out cash bonuses on a daily basis but you can have a range of awards and incentives in place. Simple schemes like employee of the week, dress down day and weekly bake and cake competitions can really help. Many employees will really enjoy the chance to bake something for their colleagues for example and the winner could perhaps get to finish early for the day or enjoy free drinks all night at an after work session.

Organise Events and Inspire

Organising training events and conferences help to inspire and drive your employees on. Booking a great conference venue is the best place to start and from there you can add the additional extras such as inspiring industry speakers and well-crafted seminars and workshops.

Employee satisfaction and morale plays a key role in the success of a company so keeping on top of it will help the whole business succeed and move forward.

Ayesha Longley works for a unique venue in Edinburgh, The Royal Scots Club, which provides luxury hotel accommodation, conference and wedding venue. Ayesha is a passionate event planner who has been working in the industry for 4 years after graduating from Queen Margaret’s University, Edinburgh. Her recent accomplishments include winning the Best Small Venue award at the Annual 2013 Scottish event awards on behalf of The Royal Scots Club.