5 Reasons Why Medical Marijuana Is Deserving Of Legalization

For many states, medical marijuana has already been legal for quite some time. For others, recreational marijuana has been legalized as well. Then there are the states that are yet to legalize medical marijuana and are still debating its practical uses in the medical field. This is despite evidence showing that over 90% of medical marijuana users think treatment is effective. Below, you will find 5 real reasons why medical marijuana is deserving of legalization.

1. Medical Marijuana can Treat Seizures and many other disorders

Epilepsy and other disorders that cause seizures can be treated with medical marijuana. There have been hundreds of cases where a specific marijuana strain known as Charlotte’s Web has been used to treat seizures in patients. Children suffering from more than a dozen seizures a day have been able to reduce the frequency to just one or two seizures a month. A reported 85% to 90% improvement in most cases. It’s discoveries like these that show medical marijuana can be effective in treatment for a variety of conditions. There is more to understand about the plant and the chemicals within it.

2. Medical Marijuana contains Chemicals called Cannabinoids

Marijuana is composed of dozens of chemicals, with the primary chemicals being two cannabinoids, known as THC and CBD. These chemical act on cannabinoid receptors within cells, responsible for various neurotransmitter releases within the brain. The suppression of these neurotransmitters can help treat many things already and research is still being done to understand how the suppression works and how we can utilize it in modern medicine. Each cannabinoid in medical marijuana needs to be analyzed and reviewed by scientists before we can understand marijuana and its full potential.

3. Medical Marijuana is a modern day medicine and it saves lives

Medical marijuana is often recommended to patients for its chronic pain relief. By using medical marijuana, patients can alleviated symptoms of chronic pain without using painkillers and dangerous prescription drugs. Marijuana is a much safer alternative to commonly prescribed painkillers like oxycodone, which has highly addictive properties and often results in overdose for users that are struggling with addiction. Marijuana has a 0% overdose rate and is much safer for today’s patients. Medical marijuana is reducing nationwide opiate addiction and leading to fewer deaths caused by overdose across the U.S.

4. Marijuana is natural and is not chemically made

The chemicals found in the marijuana plant, mainly CBD and THC are naturally occurring. They are not chemically made in a lab and therefor, it’s safer to consume and patients are less likely to become addicted to it. With today’s prescription painkillers manufactured in labs, it’s hard to say they are safe and should be the first option in modern day medicine.

5 – Marijuana is a right of every citizen

Prohibition has a history of failing and costing tax payers money they shouldn’t have to spend. Prohibiting certain substances from the public should never be a long-term strategy. This is why many in the libertarian party believe that not only marijuana, but most drugs if not all should be legalized and taken off the responsibility of the federal government. The states would then be able to exercise their rights and legalize whatever substances voters agree to. Marijuana is a right of every citizen in the United States and it’s impractical for a government to prohibit something that only affects your body and shouldn’t be a concern to others.

Dylan is the author of this article and many more at Green Wellness, a Washington business based out of Seattle that specializes in medical marijuana evaluations and the scheduling of appointments with marijuana doctors. Their doctors help qualifying patients obtain a green card for licensed cannabis use.