5 Most Graphic Xbox Games

X-box games have become a great form of entertainment and is increasingly becoming popular among people of all ages. However, there are X-box games that are more than trend setters and such bring out all the features, qualities and capabilities of Xbox. These games are much more graphic than others and their details and clearity make them even more interesting and addictive.

1. Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is a popular games which shows varying range of graphics and lighting. The levels of lighting used definitely produce a more realistic image to viewers. In older versions of this game a great deal of detail was hidden within the clouds. The intensity of the images and lighting that is now used really brings out the full impact of this game. The rocky images to the left are more visible in comparison to X-box one and X-box 360.

2. Call of Duty Ghosts

In this game the intense graphics used really captures most people’s interests much more than in previous versions. It appears that far less shadows are present in comparisons with older versions. The objects that are present in “Call of Duty Ghosts” appear much more life-like and the intensity of light and color used is perfect. All these are part of the reason game lovers chose this version over other previous ones and if you have not played or viewed Call of Duty Ghosts, it is highly recommended that you should.

In general, higher resolution is used with “Call of Duty”. The higher resolution used makes this game much easier too see while the accompanying text is clear and concise.

3. Ninja Garden Black

Looks sensational and has stunning graphics. In addition, this game seems to run at a capacity of about 50-60 frames per second. Ninja Garden Black is for sure one of the better looking games on the X-box. This game has an improved camera view as well as bonus game. In addition, Ninja Garden Black has special features that allow a user to keep track of karma points. Karma points can be clearly documented and recorded.

4. NBA 2K-14

NBA 2K-14 has drastically improved its lighting content in combination with real time reflections. The lighting is so bright that you can actually see it bounce off the objects while the game is being played. In addition, the white jerseys displayed throughout the game are clearly visible. The improved graphics make this game clearly superior and above the league of others in the same category.

5. Assassins Creed IV

Pirates try to establish a republic out in the Caribbean and they eventually becomes rulers of the sea. In addition, the pirates especially Blackbeard become a clear threat to Europe. This game has phenomenal graphics and lighting that truly bring the characters to life. This game allows players to customize their very own ship. Players get a real sense of actually being on the Island with Blackbeard and Calico. The animation and lighting used in Assassins Creed IV is truly remarkable to say the least.
There are a number of graphic X-box games currently on the market. It is amazing the technology and graphics that has seen used to create these fascinating and enjoyable games however, note that it is probably best to stay away from any games which depict violence especially when children are viewing these games.

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