5 Unbelievable Features Of Future Cars

There are a number of concepts and imaginations most of which are being researched on at the moment that would make a very significant impact on the everyday cars we drive. There have been so many advancements with different technologies that when you really think about it, there is basically no limit to what cars might be able to do in the future: from using cars to power home electricity to handsfree driving with voice automation; more like what we watch on Sci-Fi movies. In this article, we will share some of the concepts in development that would soon be implemented into future cars. Some of these are already being integrated at the moment while others are soon to be trialed.

1. Built In GPS Systems

This is becoming more and more common as most recent cars now have built-in GPS. The invention of GPS and the integration that this technology has in all of our lives, it is very likely that all cars will have an integrated GPS system to help us to get where we need to go. Cars will most likely have a system in place that will announce where we are in relation to our destination, and they will not necessarily need an exact address to get us there.

2. Automatic Detection Of Nearby Cars

Newer cars are coming out with technology that will either inform the driver that they are close to getting into a car accident with another car, or some cars will even apply the brake in an attempt to keep you from wrecking into other cars. Similar technologies are already in existence but there has been more development in systems that would appropriately calculate and analyse moving objests and make independent adjustments in acceleration and deceleration depending on how close and the direction the moving object gets. This can work wonders in keeping you safe, and it is a great feature that will be in many cars soon.

3. Automatic Tracking And Notifications To Destinations

Running late to a meeting? Cars of the future will be able to notify your work for you in order to let them know how far out you are. This can really help drivers in all different types of situations and can save you time and hassle. The essence of this is to get you more comported behind the steering rather than fiddling with your mobile phone to make a call on a busy road.

4. Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

We have already seen a drastic increase in the priorities of car makers to create more efficient cars, but in the future this will be even more important. Cars of the future will have systems in tact that will drastically reduce the footprint that any vehicle leaves behind. There are already cars that emit much less carbon than and run on renewable energy with reduced noise pollution than once imagined.

5. More Safety Features

There is a lot that can be done in cars in order to keep its passengers safe, and car companies are always working on improving the design of their cars in order to keep people out of dangerous situations. Cars of the future will have more encompassing airbag systems, better traction, forward collision avoidance system, autonomous braking, adaptive headlights, sideview assist., parking assist, automatic correction of over and understeering, distronic system that prevents forward and backward collision, night vision and other different features that will keep the passengers much safer than they are today.

With how fast technology is growing, these ideas are literally only the tip of the iceberg as far as what car companies will come up with is concerned and it will be fun to watch the continued improvements. Cars of the future will be able to get us to where we need to go a lot faster, and a lot safer than we have been able to do in the past, which is really importan because the sky is the limit as far as how much technology can be incorporated into a car design.

This article was written by Michael Burberry; a freelance blogger and a car freak. When he is not working, he enjoys driving and reading about cars. He regularly contributes to listabuzz.com, a website that compiles and organized top 10 lists on cars, technologies, entertainment and other general topics.