5 Cheap Ways To Improve Your Living Space

5 Cheap Ways To Improve Your Living Space

Change is good, as the old saying goes, and this applies to many different facets of people’s lives, especially in the place they live. So if your living situation is feeling a little stale and cluttered, or just isn’t as satisfying as it was when you first moved in, it’s probably time to make a change to it in some way. This can be through layout, new furniture or actual construction—though some of these changes can be expensive. If cost is a concern, there are a number of different inexpensive ways to improve your living space so that you won’t be broke but living in an updated space. The top 5 suggestions for this are listed below.

Move Things Around

Taking an afternoon or evening to reimagine the layout of a room or rooms of a house or apartment will revive your living space, as it will feel different yet not cost you a dime. You may have to buy some friends pizza for helping you move the couch to a few different locations, but for what you get out of the rearrangement, it’s well worth it. You will also see new things that you may need for this layout, so it will be easy to go out and buy what needs to be filled in for an inexpensive amount of money.

Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint will revive most living spaces, as the whole color combination and scheme will change and the room or rooms will undoubtedly feel different. This will take a little money and mainly time and effort to cover the floor and furniture in the room, but the fresh look is worth the hassle.

Plants and Flowers

Adding living things to this living space are a great way to freshen it up, both in color and tone. The green of plants, as well as the colors of flowers, will add a natural color to the living space, as well some life. Plants and flowers in a room also causes the air inside of it to change and smell fresher, which is a subtle but important update to any living space.

Lamps and Bulbs

Adding new lamps to a living space and bulbs to the existing lamps and overhead lights will also drastically change the feel of the living space, as lighting enhances or adjusts mood almost immediately. These bulbs should give a different feel to the space, be it darker and moodier, or brighter and more pronounced. If it’s ceiling lights that are being adjusted, adding dimmers to the wall switches is something should also be considered and isn’t very complicated or expensive.

New Pillows

Just the colors of new pillows and patterns on those pillows being added to a bed, couch or chair can give a whole new feel to a room. They also add a sense of comfort that will help to reinvigorate the enjoyment that living space had when you first moved into it. Pillows are inexpensive to purchase, especially smaller ones known as throw pillows, adding dollops of color and freshness to wherever they can be placed in a room.



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