5 Tips For A Greener Household

5 Tips For A Greener Household

In today’s society, people are constantly looking for ways to go green. Some people are finding it simple to implement green strategies into their lives, including by working from home, carpooling and much more. If you’re looking for a way to make your custom home more green, take comfort in knowing there are many tips that you can follow. In fact, let’s take a quick look five tips for a greener household.

Tip #1: Throw out all the Harmful Chemicals

Sure, cleaning your house means using chemicals, but what you need to realize is that some chemicals are harsher than others. When it comes to getting your home spick and span, there are ways that you can do this without using cleaners that are bad for you and your family. The next time you go to the store to buy cleaners, make sure to purchase ones that are made using natural substances.

Tip #2: Turn off your Lights and Appliances when you aren’t using them

Turning off the lights in a room when you walk out of it not only helps you to have a greener household, but it can also go a long way in helping you to save money on your utility bills. In addition to turning lights off, you can also turn off appliances and electronics. You of course won’t want to turn off your refrigerator, but electric coffee pots and such should always be unplugged when you’re not using them. This also applies to turning your TVs off when you’re not watching them.

Tip #3: Switch out your Light Bulbs

You need to make the switch to CFL light bulbs. These types of bulbs will use about 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, and better yet, they will also last a lot longer. While making the switch all at one time for every bulb in your home can get a bit expensive, try switching out one room each month. Before you know it, your whole house will be switched over.

Tip #4: Get Outside and Hang up your Clothes to Dry

No one likes doing laundry. And while it is a bit easier to just toss your clothes in the dryer after they get finished washing, a great way to make your household greener is by using less energy. And to do this, during the warmer parts of the year, you can skip the dryer and hang your clothes up outside to dry. Going outside and hanging up the clothes on a clothes line also gives you a great reason to get out and soak in some fresh air, which can really help you to enjoy life better.

Tip #5: Pay your Bills using the Internet

When you pay your bills online, you eliminate the need for sending and receiving paper bills. You may not realize it, but you probably throw away a lot of statements, invoices, bills, etc. each month. If you switch over to paying your bills online, you’ll be able to save a lot of paper. As a result, you’ll be making your household greener because you’ll be saving trees.

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