From Dorm To Adulthood: Pieces That Transition With You

Being in the university has always elicited ideas of being constantly broke and not skimping on this and that. It’s no wonder that college kids in the past had to make do with less than luxurious living conditions. While they may have had the standard dorm room, the furnishings that adorned their space were definitely not the high-end, or even decent, pieces of furniture you now find in modern bachelor’s pads and apartments. However, this should not stop you from acquiring staple dorm furniture which can make the transition to your adult space in the future. If you’re having troubles visualizing just that, then below are tips to guide you:

1. The Futon

When you’re constantly having to play host/hostess to a friend who got locked out of his or her own dorm, or a friend who’s just a bit too drunk to drive back to his or her place, the futon would most definitely help you with your guest sleeper dilemma. During the day, the futon serves as a couch that can conveniently seat a handful of people. However, once the party is over and you have an unexpected houseguest, then the futon also comfortably serves as an extra bed.

However, not all futons are made the same way. While there are a lot of bulky futons which are terribly lumpy and have to be retired before you make it to your graduation, there are also varieties that come with very sturdy frames so that they retain their shape for much longer. Accessorize your sleek futon with throw pillows that carry different colorful and interesting prints such as tribal ones.

2. Task Lamp

When you are cramming for the exams but do not want to have the glaring lights on, then the task lamp is always up for the job. This lighting option is probably the only one there is for students who cannot afford the fancier types of lamps. However, this very versatile lamp has made its way not just to the four different corners of the dorm room but even to the nooks and crannies of the adult home. Instead of using the traditional table lamp, why not substitute it with the task lamp. According to professionals from Nick Scali furniture, the task lamp has that adjustable arm which allows you to illuminate whatever you are reading at whichever angle is most convenient for you, making the task lamp a great lamp not just for dorm rooms but also living rooms.

3. Concert Posters

Yes, they may not exactly be pieces of furniture but they do spice up any dorm room like no other. Concert posters don’t just look great against the white backdrop of a wall but they also carry some sort of sentimental value. You may have skipped your classes to get to the next state and watch your favorite band’s concert. Then headed back just at the nick of time to take your midterm exam and, miraculously, pass. While all of that is confined to the pages of history now, your concert posters still look pretty awesome in a monochromatic adult home.

Stacey Watts, the writer, loves decorating homes with the right furniture. She also plans and designs outdoor spaces with wooden furniture. When not blogging, she shops for home decors.