Bed Bugs — Not Just In Beds Anymore

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Just because you do not have bed bugs in your bed, it doesn’t mean you will never see one of those pesky insects. Bed bugs aren’t just a problem confined to your bedroom. Did you know that bed bugs have been detected in laundromats, schools, department stores, libraries, prisons, hotels, furniture stores, churches, prisons, hostels, restaurants, boats, ambulances and even funeral homes, doctor’s offices and hospitals?
Does that make you feel itchy? It’s sad but true. Yes, bed bugs can hide out in a variety of locations – virtually everywhere you can imagine. Wherever people are, bed bugs may follow. Here are some of the places bed bug detection companies and services have found bed bugs:
Bed bugs love New York
In New York, bed bugs have been discovered at clothing stores, including a lingerie store, a big-name department store and a sneaker shop. A television station was infested, as was a library and some subway cars. Even iconic locations like the United Nations, Lincoln Center, and the Empire State Building have had to deal with some degree of bed bug infestations.
Other locations in New York that have had bed bugs lurking around include movie theaters, classroom, and even a building occupied by the New York Health Department!
One of the reasons New York has had so many bed bug cases is due to travel – people are coming from all over the world to New York, and they may not realize that bed bugs have hitched a ride with their belongings! So that’s why people hire companies to remove bed bugs in Richmond County and elsewhere.
Bed bugs are all over the country
Here are some of the places that bed bugs have invaded in the United States:

  • A Knoxville, Tennessee hospital
  • A Marine Corp barracks at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
  • Libraries in Connecticut, California, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Pennsylvania (bed bugs can also infest books)

Those are just a few of the locations that have had to deal with bed bugs. Basically, any place that has people can potentially have bed bugs. What’s more, even the trained human eye alone may only spot about 30% of all bed bugs. A bed bug dog has a much better success rate, depending upon the dog.
In addition, there is no successful and safe over-the-counter treatment for bed bugs; people have literally accidentally set their homes on fire trying to eradicate their bed bugs problem!
A bed bug could potentially survive for months on one bed bug bite of a human. That’s a sobering thought! So if you find bed bugs in your home of business, take care of getting rid of them immediately, before their numbers increase.
Lisa Swan writes for a variety of sites, including Bed Bug Finders LLC.