4 Smart Ways To Add Space In Your Kitchen

Kitchens quickly fill with tools and gadgets used for baking, broiling, grilling, frying and candy making activities. Your kitchen may also hold a wide variety of countertop appliances that make your cooking adventures much faster and easier. As a result, your kitchen may not have a whole lot of space for new items you want to add to your collection. Thankfully, you can clear out some room to make space for your growing supplies. Here’s how.

Use Cabinet Organizers

You can install a combination of swivel and pull out organizers in your cabinets to maximize your space. As an added benefit, you can easily reach all of your tools by rotating or extending the rack out of the cupboard space. Before performing the install make sure you will be able to easily clean under and around the racks to keep messes to a minimum. In addition, check clearance issues using your rough item placement plans.

Utilize Storage Containers

In large pantries or storage cubbies, you can utilize stackable containers to hold all of your gadgets and tools. Label the outside of each container to keep track of all of your items as you put them away. Consider grouping up the items according to the dishes you make with them or their main function. For example, you can place the blender, food processor and mixer in one container to make them easily accessible for baking tasks.

Add Portable Shelves

You can add standalone shelves for storage purposes by investing in a center island, microwave cart or serving dolly. Consider the size of your kitchen and dining room layout to find the best storage rack for the job. Make sure to pick up a unit with rolling wheels that allow you to push the cart out of the way during group cooking sessions. If you purchase a center island or microwave cart, you can also use it as an additional countertop while preparing meals. A serving dolly makes it easy to bring meals to the table without straining your back or burning your hands.

Remove Outdated Gadgets

Although you may have developed a strong attachment to outdated gadgets, you can narrow down your kitchen tool collection by throwing out items you don’t need anymore. For example, you may trade in your hand crank eggbeaters for an immersion blender that can make soup or sauce in addition to egg-based dishes. Furthermore, you can purchase a combination grinder, cheese grater and blender and throw out all of the single use gadgets. Hang onto antique items handed down through your family as decorative keepsakes that act as a talking point when visitors come by.

Creating A New Workspace

Think deeply about how you use your kitchen before starting the organization process. You do not want to complicate the prep and cooking process by moving items in an unintuitive fashion. Instead, imagine you’re about to cook a meal and think about what you would grab first and from where. Create a mockup of the item locations before arranging and installing your under the sink kitchen organizer and other shelving units.

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