Have Your Own French Cafe At Home

Oh, that strong, sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee runs through my neural pathway and exudes a soothing effect as it travels towards my brain’s olfactory centre. Once the wonderful odour registers, the fancy cafe where I usually have my morning breaks transforms into white clouds where everything feels soft, cool and quiet. I get into a meditative aura where my soul dissociates from my corporeal self and experiences a higher state of being.
That’s what a single cup of coffee does to me. And every day, I look forward to this enchanting time when I get to chill and unwind in a cosy and comfy Parisian cafe.
Cafes–just how much I love cafes. Since I arrived in Paris for a five-year work contract, my day is never complete if I don’t get to sit on a bench in one of the cafes in Saint Germain or even in a humble coffee shack in Rue Cler, and have a sip of my dearest coffee. It’s my own kind of drug minus the awful spinoffs.
However, dears, I have a confession. Would you believe I can’t remember the last time I made coffee in my apartment? You must find this untrue as in my previous statements, I made you feel how much I love coffee. But since the creation of homey and lovely coffee shops, I can’t seem to break away from the comfort and convenience they offer. Their wonderful ambience is just too cosy to resist, they made me forget I can actually have coffee at home.
I feel so silly for realising that just now. My regular dose of caffeine seems not as effective if I don’t consume it in my regular coffee joint. Now I’m wishing I have my own coffee place at home like the ones I always go to. I would have moved the cafe inside my humble flat if I can.
Wait, I can! What if I just turn a small area of my kitchen or maybe my terrace into my own mini cafe? A little Parisian-inspired furnishing here, some vintage French provincial homewares there and a few wall accessories in a space on my wall— having these additional furniture and ornaments will be enough for a French cafe ambiance in my house. That would be perfect for me to have my regular cup of coffee paired with a delicious croissant at home, especially when I want to take a break from the city bustle and just revel in the comfort and privacy of my own abode.
If you as well want to have your own French cafe at home, you might consider useful the following ideas I have to create my own Parisian-inspired cafe. I’m very much happy to share these to you, so you can experience a great coffee time at home.

Tables and chairs

Add one or two small or medium coffee table in pastel hues with curved and wavy carvings, if you love the chic French look. For a classy feel you can have a mirrored French coffee table or an antique one. But I prefer rustic and earthy tones on tables and chairs with iron stands and backrests, as they add a vintage and provincial feel in my urban flat.

Wall decors

Vintage wall decors also work well for a French-inspired cafe at home. Wall arts and frames showing carved wordings and pictures of classic celebrities and faded sceneries look cool and catchy especially if you have guests at home. They will surely admire how you are able to give them that French cafe experience.


Armoires are a French thing. Since I love vintage, I prefer a medium-sized wooden antique armoire with ornate carvings and transparent glass doors, painted with turquoise and its handles with gold. I can make it as a display cabinet for my mug collection and probably transfer some of my old books in one of its layers. You can choose among different classy armoires with white to darker hues and with antique gold or silver finishing. Feel free to paint the armoire on your own if you want it more personalised.

Rugs and carpets

Rugs and carpets make a room feel cosier. As for me, I do love to have carpets on my floor especially ones made of wool and originally handmade. You don’t have to cover all areas of your floor. Just cover your coffee area. Floral and paisley patterns are common in French homes. In my own coffee nook, I plan to put a carpet with plain green and brown shades having just simple streaks of paisley patterns in its corners.
A few bucks for new or second-hand French furniture and a bit of effort on my side to put to reality the ideas I have will surely be enough to complete my desired French cafe at home. The sweet smell of fresh coffee in a personalised cafe in my own crib will certainly be worth every effort I’ll make to realise it. I’m sure you’ll feel the same, so try it!

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By Debra Wright
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