The Top 5 Cyprus Company Registration Benefits

Building a company is something that can be challenging to do in today’s economy. With the rising prices and fluctuating flow of the market, it is getting harder for companies to survive and thrive. However, there are business havens so to speak where you can turn to in order to give your business a little help in surviving. One such place is Cyprus.

What can a Cyprus International Business  Company offer, you ask?

Cyprus is a wonderful place for international tax planning and investing. If you are planning on building a company, then there is no better place to do it than Cyprus. This is because Cyprus is one of the best places in Europe which offers various benefits which you most likely will not be able to find anywhere else.

How can you get these benefits? You simply have to register your company in Cyprus.

Is it really that easy you ask? Yes, in fact, it is. You just need to register your company and you will be able to get full privileges. Do you want to know what those benefits are? Here is a list of the top 5 benefits that you can get through registering your company in Cyprus.

 1. Cyprus is a prestige low tax jurisdiction

What does “prestige low tax jurisdiction” means? Well, it simply means that Cyprus offers low taxes particularly to companies and corporations. In fact, Cyprus is well known for its very low 10% fixed corporate tax. It has not changed its low corporate tax policy for years, and you can expect it to be stable for years and years to come. This rate is the lowest corporate tax rate in the whole of Europe.

2. Cyprus has established 45 double tax avoidance treaties so far

Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties form a vital instrument for tax optimization and international tax planning and give significant advantage to the countries which are part of these treaties. The key purpose of a Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty is to elude the international double taxation when the same profits of a legal entity or an individual are taxed in two or more countries.

 3. Cyprus can offer various tax benefits

Aside from offering a low corporate tax rate, Cyprus offers a bevy of other tax benefits including tax exemptions on dividends, low tax rates on royalties and interest income , and the absence of withholding taxes. Obviously tax benefits are good news for any company that wants to reduce the costs for operation and increase the company profits.

4. Registering your company in Cyprus does not in any way restrict your company transactions both in and out of Cyprus

Even if you are not a Cypriot resident and your company is not aimed specifically just for Cypriot business, there is absolutely no problem. Having your company registered in Cyprus will not hinder your international dealings in any way. In fact, there are various tax exemptions to be gained by transacting overseas.

5. Registering your company in Cyprus is very easy to do

Last but not the least, registering your company in Cyprus is very, very easy. Therefore, taking advantage of all the benefits Cyprus has to offer is going to be a breeze to do.
So, what else are you waiting for? Register your company in Cyprus today!
Agatha Fouttis is the Director of She is also in charge of the Clients Account Department. She has the task of managing the company and formulating effective company policies. She graduated from the Holmes Commercial College in Melbourne .