Cheapest Vaporizer Finally Made Available For The Citizens

Cheapest Vaporizer Finally Made Available For The Citizens

Often people all over the world faced many difficulties for obtaining a vaporizer device, which could be budget friendly and yet easy to travel around. For vaporizers are expensive to manufacture, they are not available easily to the citizens. However adapting to the revolutionized technology, American industry V2 Cigs announced the launch of their latest invention V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer, which has brought a completely new modification in the style of smoking.

The Specifications of the Latest Model:

The latest model has been launched in the market keeping in mind about the budget of the average citizens, and thus it is available at an amazing price of $79.99, giving it the reputation as the cheapest vaporizer available. The product is designed with high sophistication with each and every component are joined magnetically without the aid of any fixing screws, the component can be easily attached and re-attached when necessary.

If you are willing to expand your financial budget for this gadget, you can get all the accessories kit like the loose leaf cartridge, wall charger and the car charger as well. This product comes with a warranty period, which ensures a replacement of it with incurring an extra expenditure if the device lacks to perform perfectly within the warranty period.

The cartridge capacity is fairly large enough to procure ample supply of vapor for a considerable period of time. Because of portable, lightweight design, this is highly beneficial for use especially for the patients who need aromatherapy.

Methods for Using the Vaporizer:

The primary kit of V2 vaporizer at consists of Series 3 Vaporizer, liquid cartridge, and an USB charger. All the components are easily attachable with magnetic technology, facilitating easy filling of the e-liquid. This device is fabricated in accordance to a writing instrument and it resembles much like a pen. The device can be adjusted easily so as to satisfy your need – it’s neither too hot nor too cold while using.

The vaporizer uses a technology, which is highly advanced than the previously used ones, and amalgamation of the latest technology with a sleek and small design makes the device a complete hit among the users. Another eye-catching aspect of this device is the flexibility of its use. Previously, vaporizers were used for smoking nicotine or cannabis. But this device specializes is producing vapors of any kind of aromatherapy items as well as nicotine-free spices.

This device works on rechargeable battery, which can be charged using the USB charger. The heat produced by it heats up the wax/liquids/herbs which produces ample vapor which need not to be inhaled. Once the device gets charged, drop the cartridge liquid inside the Series 3 device and press the ON button 3 times in 2 seconds, which activates the LED flashing white 3 times.

Safety Measures:

The device is highly secured and safe to be used. To prevent accidental activation, pressing the OFF button 3 times in 2 seconds will produce a red LED light 3 times, confirming that the device is OFF. Also, at the time of use, pressing the button for 10 seconds will automatically turn of the device.

It can therefore be concluded that the V2 Pro Series 3 device at is a complete revolution in the vaporizer gadget that the mankind has ever seen.