2 Tips For Picking Garage Doors

Determining the size and style of your new garage door are the first steps toward choosing the right door for your garage. Measure your garage’s dimensions to pick the right-sized door. You can buy windowed or window-paneled garage doors to jazz up the design of your garage. Regulating seasonal temperatures and allowing in ample light are 2 ideas to keep in mind if you plan to make your garage a living space. Painted panels, short-raised panels, long-raised panels and flush panels are design options to spruce up your home.


Steel or wood doors are your 2 primary choices. Wood doors offer you a range of garage door possibilities. Doors consistent with styles of the carriage houses of 19th century and standard designs are 2 options for your home. Consider the style and design of your house while contemplating a garage door design. Does your prospective door vibe with both your garage’s style and your home’s décor? If you find a door which complements the overall design of your home you may have located a match. Stain and paint grade doors are available too.

If you want a more economical choice go with steel garage doors. These common options offer you multiple colors to match your home’s paint job. If the color varies simply paint the door to vibe with your home. Triple layer garage doors, double layer garage doors and single layer garage doors are the 3 styles of steel doors to choose from.

Triple layer doors offer a galvanized layer of protection on the inside of the door. These are the most soundproof, secure and strong doors. If you plan to be working inside of your garage or want to rent out of a room consider buying a triple layer door for a quiet, secure, weatherproof environment.

Double layer doors are soundproof, insulated doors which are composed of a polyurethane layer and a galvanized layer.

Single layer doors are made from a single sheet of galvanized steel. These are the least secure and soundproof doors of the lot but are the least expensive.

Decide on the Function

Do you want to rent out a room in the garage? Or perhaps a child will be sleeping in the garage? You want a weatherproof, secure, soundproof option. Ditto if you plan to build a home office inside of your garage.

If you want to use your garage for simple storage you wouldn’t need a door that provides strong weather sealing or a soundproof environment. Garages being used for doing manual work such as woodworking or automotive repair wouldn’t require as quality a door as a garage being used as a living space. Picture how you wish to use the garage before investing in a garage door.

Living space-style garages should be adorned by a door with a bottom seal to prevent leaking.  Whether you’re building a children’s play area or a laundry room think of how to make the garage safe, secure and comfortable before you buy a door for your garage.