How To Find Quality Used Car Parts

So your car’s on the fritz? Before visiting your local mechanic you may be able to find a quality used auto part and fix your ride. Knowing where to look and how to shop around can result in considerable savings. You also won’t need to wait for days or even weeks as your local garage waits for the part while their work orders pile up.

Do it Yourself Yards

These pick and pull junkyards offering you a treasure trove of quality used auto parts if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. These orderly yards routinely trash old, picked-to-the-bone autos for fresh new cars stocked with quality parts. Many of these junkyards organize vehicles by make and also have online databases to track stock. You can easily find the position of your desired make and model plus quality parts through the database system. You can get a good deal on most parts as these junkyards make the bulk of their money on offering scrap metal from wrecks and other cars in the yard. Since parts are simply an added bonus you can bargain shop at do it yourself junkyards. Some spots offer free engine hoists, wheelbarrows and hand washing stations to make your job easier and cleaner.

Cyber Suppliers

Online used auto part suppliers provide you with a convenient option for finding good used car parts. Harness the power of the internet to find quality parts without having to travel to a local yard, only to be disappointed when the yard doesn’t supply the part you’re looking for. Enter the model, make and year of your car to find the parts available via the supplier’s website. Suppliers will mail you the part after you place the order. Go this route if you need smaller parts or trim pieces. The shipping costs for large parts can be high.

If you live in a rural area online suppliers may be your only viable option unless you wish to travel 3 or 5 hours to the local junkyard. Run a Google search for online auto part suppliers to build a watch list of cyber shops which can fit your automotive needs. You can also run searches for customer reviews and online ratings to gauge feedback.

Specialty Repair Shop

Foreign or older car owners may need to visit a specialty repair shop to find less in demand quality auto parts for their ride. Whether it’s a private individual operating out of their garage or a specialty yard you’ll be surprised how a little Google searching can help you find the rare match you’ve been looking for.

Traditional Salvage Junkyard

Less orderly yards or more organized operations may be the place for you to find good auto parts. The traditional salvage yard may supply you with already moved parts or you may need to wait for a worker to get it for you. In some cases you’ll be permitted to remove the part on your own.