Women's Outdoor Clothing Guide

It looks like the UK might finally get a summer this year! Which means us girls will be playing in parks, going for country walks, going camping and enjoying festivals!
With all this in mind we’ve decided it’s time to take a look at some outdoor clothing to get you through the summer months – because let’s face it,
the British summer isn’t exactly famous for being rain-free!
First of all there are a few things you’ll want to look out for when you’re buying outdoor and adventure gear.
Whilst styling is important it’s more important to make sure your clothing will be suitable for the outdoors by getting to know which materials and designs will best benefit you when you’re trying not to get soaked by the beautiful British rain.
Things To Lookout For
#1 AquaDry Membrane – this top quality fabric is designed to keep water out whilst remaining breathable so you don’t sweat to death whilst you’re hiking around.
#2 Gore-Tex – by now most of you know of Gore-Tex but if you don’t you’re missing out, this gear is ‘guaranteed to keep you dry’ – what more do we need to say?
#3 NosiLife – this stuff is amazing, it’s impregnated with insect repellent and really does keep away those pesky mosquitos and such. NosiLife is really impressive stuff.
#4 SolarShield – whilst we all love the sunshine not all of us have the right skin to handle it. Luckily you don’t have to worry anymore; this stuff will protect your skin from the sun.
Styles for 2013
For this year there are a few main styles to go for depending on your personal preference:
#1 Pro-Camper – This styles is 100% comfortable, we’re talking comfortable sport style clothing, fleeces and sensible walking shoes or boots.
If you love cooking on barbeques this is the style for you. If you want to really pull it off go for earthy tones for that attractive all-natural look.
#2 The Hipster – Hipster fashion is still king in 2013 so you’ll be needing a quality check-print shirt, some hardwearing jeans and most likely some combat boots or wellingtons.
Go for this style if you have a strong sense of individuality.
#3 The Adventurer – This happy camper chooses functionality of fashion but still likes to look good. Hiking boots and women’s waterproof trousers or shorts if it’s hot.
You’ll also want a waterproof jacket as adventurers don’t shy away from a bit of rain. Bright colours are also de rigueur for this style.
#4 The Fashionista – This style is for those of you who just can’t give up looking good simply because you’re outdoors.
Our tip here is to go for well-fitting clothing with tailored lines – because when you’re hiking up a hill you don’t want to get sweaty.
And our most important tip here is – NO High Heels!
Final Word
If there’s one thing you’ll be guaranteed to need if you’re an outdoorsy type is a quality Fleece.
If you look around you can really find some great women’s fleeces and they’re really the best way to keep warm on a windy day!
So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get shopping girls!
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