Fabulous Finishing Touches To Impress Your Wedding Guests

Everybody wants their wedding to be the talk of the town, from the flower arrangements to that dress. You want your special day to stand out and what better way to make it extra special than by applying those perfect finishing touches to incorporate that ‘WOW’ factor.

Leave A Disposable Camera On Each Table

Give your friends the opportunity to be your wedding photographers for the day; by placing a disposable camera on each table. By leaving a camera, your guests can take photos of each other and capture those moments that you may otherwise miss.
Let your friends be the makers of your personal wedding album, something that will leave a long-lasting impression and something that they will enjoy making.

Leave A Guest Book

This is a fantastic way to encourage your friends to write personal messages to you and your partner.
Make sure it makes the rounds through each table so that all your guests will get a chance to write something, if not leave the book at the top table so your guests can come to you. Allow your friends and family to write about moments that they have shared with you, happy, sad or funny. This allows you and them to relive those special moments and a guest book is something that you can always keep forever.

A Firework Display

This idea is certainly a show stopper but also can be very expensive. If you have the money to spend I would recommend a firework display, they are beautiful to look at and certainly provide that extra special ‘WOW’ factor. They also bring you and your guests closer together.
The best time to have it would be in the evening against a darkened sky to light up the backdrop of your special event and dazzle your guests. It will leave your friends and family feeling magical and warm inside- and it will definitely be a moment that they will always treasure and remember.

Wedding Favours

There are a vast variety of different wedding favours to choose from but choose something that is personal to you.
If you have a sweet tooth, you could have small cupcakes, each being personalised with your guests’ names written on them. If these aren’t suitable, you could choose your favourite sweet or chocolate wrapped up in a gorgeous bag that matches your colour scheme. Again, personalise the bags.

Give All Of Your Guests A Gift Bag

This is a great idea but can also be very expensive depending on what items you choose to include in your goody bags. If you want to keep it simple but effective, I would choose to design and create your own gifts.
You could choose to make your own heart-shaped cookie or biscuit of your choice, decorate it with icing and stamp yours and your partners name on them; this is a cute idea and a low cost one too. Another inventive idea is to create ‘friendship’ style bracelets and include a flat piece of material that can include the date of your wedding day; the colours of the bracelets can match the colour scheme of your day.
An idea like this shows that you have thought about the gifts and that time, effort has gone into them as they will be hand-made.
Most of these Wedding Suppliesare available at most wedding retailers. If you have any suggestions or comments, get involved!

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