When It's Time To Find A Tax Attorney

Tax attorneys help you in several ways: they assist you when tax issues arise, help you prevent issues from coming up in the future, and help you understand how tax law affects your life and your business. Facing an audit or losing wages to garnishments? A San Diego tax attorney may be just what you need.
Tax attorneys provide a wide variety of services for businesses and individuals revolving around taxation and the issues that arise with it. From helping you file delinquent returns to representing your tax case in court, a tax attorney is an important figure to have on your side should you run into issues with the IRS or state taxing agencies.

You Want to Minimize Your Tax Burden

Filing your business or personal taxes is no easy task, especially when you take into consideration the stress and worry you experience in regards to your potential tax burden. A tax attorney can help you find deductions and claims that ensure that you only pay the amount of tax that you are legally responsible for.
As opposed to tax preparers or tax preparation software, tax attorneys are well-versed in the many nuances of tax law. They don’t simply rewrite the information from your records onto your tax forms – they actively search for ways to minimize your tax liability. The more complex your legal situation is – due to family structure, estate, investments, business ownership, and more – the more important it is to have a tax attorney at your side.

You Want to Prevent and Prepare for Audits

An IRS audit is a re-examination of your accounts and financial information to ensure your tax reporting – and therefore, tax payments – is accurate. Audits can occur by way of random selection, can be triggered by inconsistencies in paperwork, or can occur because an individual you do business with has been selected for audit.
A tax attorney can ensure that your risk of an audit is decreased by preparing your returns accurately and correctly. With fewer mistakes or inconsistencies to trigger an alert, your taxes will be more likely to be accepted by the IRS.

  • Should an audit unfortunately occur, it can put you, your family, and your business under large amounts of stress. IRS tax audits tend be highly complicated, stressful, and sensitive – but you don’t have to deal with it alone.
  • Just as your tax attorney used his or her skills to ensure the accuracy of your return while also minimizing your tax burden, so too will they stay by your side during the entire audit process. They can properly navigate your return and substantiate your claimed income, deductions, and credits in accordance with the most recent tax laws – thereby reducing the strain on you and increasing the likelihood of a result in your favor.

Over 85% of audits get resolved at IRS appeals. Should the dispute go unresolved, your tax attorney will assist you in the process of tax litigation.
If you find that reporting your taxes accurately is too complex as task for you to do yourself or trust to a software program, consider looking into the services of a tax attorney. They can help you minimize your tax burden, make sense of your financial situation, and prevent, prepare for, and fight against an IRS audit.
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