You Have Five Options When Your Car Keys Are Lost

Losing your car keys can be frustrating but what is more frustrating is figuring out the next step from there. There are many people who often think that now they may have to spend a few hundred dollars to get their lost car keys back and even then there is a chance that they will lose it again given the stress that they are presently under. That said unless you have a specific type of car you have a number of options at your disposal. Most vehicle owners will be glad to know that lost car keys does not have to mean that you spend a lot of money just for the privilege of being able to reenter your car. So, technically you have five options at your disposal as we will look at below.

Option no. 1: Pull out a replacement

If you are the first owner of this vehicle there is a good chance that when you bought it you were given more than one key. The showroom sales person may have asked you to store this key away in a safe place which you obviously should have done. If you remember where the key is this is the easiest solution to your problem. However, even though this is an obvious step some people have purchased their car so long ago that they don’t remember if they still have that duplicate key in their possession. So, the only way is to check since this will help save both time and money. Ideally, it should be with your vehicle papers.

Option no. 2: Ask someone who has the same Car to give you their keys

This is perhaps one of the most commonsense thing to do second to trying to pull out a duplicate. Even though two or more cars may not share the same type of key many times there is loophole in the system which allows for another key but of the same manufacturer to access all vehicles or some vehicles. This can especially be the case if your vehicle is over fifteen years old or if you got the locks changed a few years back. Cheaper locks are less secure and so almost any key of the same size will open your car. This is a long shot but worth a try.

Option no. 3: Call up your car’s Dealership / Manufacturer helpline

Even though there is little that these people can do over the phone the fact is that when you call them up you’ll know exactly what they can do. There are some car companies that will send you a replacement key for a small fee if you report that one of your keys are lost and can prove ownership. If you have one of the newer locks with an implanted microchip in the key and the car you should have received a computerized sheet with the access codes. These codes can be used by the manufacturer or the dealership to retool a new key for the car. But this service is not free with the costs varying from one manufacturer to the next.

Option no. 4: Break the Glass

There are many people who may have not lost their car keys but rather left it locked inside their car. The easiest solution in the middle of the night is to break the glass. But this is only if the glass is cheaper than calling over a locksmith. If you have an older model chances are that the glass is cheap and will cost you a lot less than calling over a locksmith. That said you can also work your way around this by trying and prying down the glass if it’s slightly open.

Option no. 5: Call a professional Locksmith

When all the above fails it’s time to call a professional locksmith. Depending on the car you have you may want to call an experienced locksmith who does not just open your car but if you’ve lost your key retool a duplicate too. Leading locksmiths like Australia based Marco Automotive Locksmiths have been around for a very long time and can help open almost any type of lock as well as craft duplicate keys.

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Mark has been a locksmith for over twenty five years. Over the years he has not just opened locks of all types and made duplicate keys but has also taught other people to do it as well. His highly detailed books and blogs are even intended to teach regular people how to get around a locked car door when they have lost their car keys.