Feng Shui Tips For A Happier Living Space

Feng Shui Tips For A Happier Living Space

Derived from the Chinese words for wind and water, Feng shui is an Asian idea that encompasses the constant energy flow and exchange between us and everything around us. For the millions of worldwide believers of the ideas of Feng shui, nothing is more important than creating the right types of energy for a happier, healthier, more relaxed home. Read on for tips on how to create harmonious surroundings designed to balance the yin and yang of your own surroundings.

Take Inventory of Your Home’s Energy

Feng shui experts say that the best way to start creating balance in your home is by connecting to your living space, much the way you would with a person you were trying to get to know better. Take inventory of your home, especially those spaces that don’t look the way you want them to or where nobody likes to spend time.

Because every part of your home is connected to a corresponding part of your life (health, finances, love, etc.) getting to know these low or poor energy flow spaces can help you work through blockages and hardships in various aspects of your current situation.

Feng Shui Tips For A Happier Living Space

Clean Out Clutter

If you don’t love it, if it’s not adding something of value to your space and life, then it’s time to get rid of it. Clearing out clutter and organizing the piles of mess that accumulate all over the house is an essential step in improving the chi, or energy flow, of your home. It can take time to accomplish, but culling the clutter doubles as therapy–it’s time to let go of the mess in your life.

Know the Basics of the 5 Elements

According to Feng shui theories, there are five major elements that should be represented in every harmonious home. Water, wood, fire, metal and earth each play a specific role in creating vibrant and happy energy within your home. Knowing which of these you’re lacking, especially before purchasing living room furniture or accessories, is elemental.

Pay Attention to Light and Air Quality

If you’re brand new to the idea of Feng shui, light and air quality should be your very first focuses. Open the windows often, invest in an air purifier or live plants, and allow as much natural light in the room as possible. The better the light and air quality in your home, the better the energy flow is as well.