What's In A Military Kit: An Inside Scoop

It is becoming increasingly popular these days for people to push themselves to the limit with extreme obstacle courses or survival classes, all in the hope that they will get to experience what it is like for those bravest of men and women; those in the military.
But what kind of kit do you need to endure that kind of undertaking? Here are several vital components of a military kit:

1) Rucksack

Before you even think about buying anything to help you survive outdoors, you’re going to need a sturdy, high-capacity rucksack to fit all your gear into. No one in the military has ever made it by carrying all their gear under their arm, that’s for sure.
Focus your attention on rucksacks sized between 45-65 litres; that’ll be more than enough for what you need. Prices will range from £40 to £70, which is quite expensive, but rucksacks at these prices will include lots of compartments and pockets to fully maximise capacity.

2) Clothing

It will do you no good at all to set off outdoors in a pair of jeans and a brightly coloured t-shirt, for reasons I’m sure you are aware of. You need efficient clothing, clothes that will keep you protected from the elements and maybe even an enemy.
Essential clothing will include light-weight trousers and jacket; a long-sleeved t-shirt; thick, extra length socks; thermal, fingerless mitts; heavy duty waterproofs or poncho; and a wide-rimmed bush hat (All of these should come in dark or earthy colours). There is of course a large range of extra clothing you can buy if you want too, but these items of clothing are what you need and should set you back about £100. Bear in mind you may also want spares.

3) Boots

The amount of mud, harsh terrains and damp conditions you will face once you encounter the great outdoors is unprecedented, so you will need the toughest and most moisture-repelling shoes you can get your hands on.
Your best option in this department is to buy boots made from either leather or a material which has a thick membrane (Again, dark or earthy colours). Ensure they are boots which rise above the ankle bone, so that they will provide you with extra protection against physical activity or unstable surfaces. Prices span from £50 to £150 depending on the quality of the boot, and you will most certainly want quality if that’s what prevents your adventure coming to a painful halt.

4) First-Aid Kit

What could be worse than getting wounded or seriously hurt outdoors, when there are no hospitals or even any buildings around for miles? In order for you to continue with your enterprise if you do become injured, you’re going to have to play medic and bring your own first-aid kit.
The best first-aid kits will cost you between £8 to £15, which is nothing when you think about what it would cost to not have a first-aid kit with you. Make sure what you buy includes adhesive bandages, antiseptic swabs, gauze, plasters, cotton buds, scissors and forceps.

5) Survival Kit

As well as having the right clothing and protection, it is always a good idea to have a survival kit on you. The outdoors can be unpredictable, and a time may come when you need to be able to survive as a group or by yourself, in the most harrowing of conditions.
If you’ve ever watched Bear Grylls in action, you’ll know what sort of items you will want to see in your survival kit. Some matches or a fire starter will be most important, but you should also ensure you have an emergency blanket, a Swiss army knife, a wire saw, a light stick, a whistle, a compass and a detailed map of the area. All of this should cost between £35 to £45. An expensive cost for an unlikely circumstance, but nonetheless it is most definitely worth it.
As you can see, the cost of owning all these military essentials is rather steep, and these are just the basics; you may want to invest in a whole lot more. It would therefore be terrible if you ever lost your kit or it became damaged beyond repair, because you would have to pay out. That is why it is paramount that you insure your kit so that whatever happens, your kit is always reinstated.  There are lots of insurers out there who will cover you worldwide.
Go get ‘em, soldier!
If you own a military kit or know what else should be included in one, then please comment down below and share your advice!

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Ben Kettlety is a writer, and therefore not much of a fighter. Nonetheless, the idea of owning a military kit fills him with excitement. He recommends insuring your kit with Abacus cover.