How To Make His Christmas Oh So Very Special

How To Make His Christmas Oh So Very Special

If you’re intent on scoring some serious points this coming Christmas, we’ve got you well and truly covered. Irrespective what he’s into, our guide for gifts which are suitable for boyfriends, dads, husbands, fiances, uncles, or the random dude that you picked up a the office Christmas party, will have him singing Christmas Carols in your honor.

How To Make His Christmas Oh So Very Special

Manly Kitchen Equipment

Kin Knife from Gordon Ramsay

This fired up Scot knows a thing or two about cooking, so who better to carve out a top pro- cooking knife which will handle all sorts of goodies in the kitchen?

It’s the most basic, and yet the most essential element in any kitchen. After all, a chef is only ever as good as the equipment he uses. Well, that’s the less childish reasoning behind wanting a big, flashy knife.

It’s endorsed by the extra-charismatic Gordon Ramsay, which adds so much grrrr-factor to the investment.

Hot Stuff Hampers

The Dandy Christmas Hamper from Harvey Nichols

Most men like to disagree with one another, if only based on egotistical reasoning. Nevertheless, there is one thing that almost all men agree on, if only based on egotistical reasoning, and that is that everything served on a plate goes well with spicy chili.

This, the Dandy Christmas Hamper, is stuffed full of all forms of fiery treats, which includes chili marmalade, and even chili tea. Fit perfectly to satisfy even the hottest palate.

For the Coffee Snob

Presso’s Espresso Unit

A neat bit of kitchen gadgetry – and all guys love gadgetry – is the espresso-maker from Presso. It’s been around for a while, and that’s always a good sign since it means it’s shifting off the shelves given its popularity among the coffee-adoring fraternity.

The Presso Espresso Unit is the easiest way to knock up scintilla tingly good coffee at home.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

From Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ahhhhh, as in “adorable!”

The perfect Christmas gift for any guy at Christmas time is the Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Sure, the girls don’t quite get it. What’s with this ugly Christmas sweater thing, anyhow?

Well, guys are different. They think different. They act different. And they wear different.

So if you plump for an ugly Christmas sweater from Ugly Christmas Sweaters, you’ll make your man the happiest of them all on this very special day!

Gastronomy Bible

The New Larousse Gastronomique

This, the New Larousse Gastronomique, is the Holy Grail of all cookbooks, at least for the guys it is.

The book tallies up to a whopping 1,206 pages in length, while it groans with amazing recipes and equally amazing techniques. Match this with Gordon Ramsay’s Kin Knife, and you’ll never get him out of the kitchen.

Photographic Concept of the Future Year

The Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W1 Camera

This, the Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W1, is the world’s first 3D camera. It utilizes a pair of lenses and layers a couple of 2D images together, thus providing the 3D graphic end-result.

Sure, it may not be a Nikon or a Canon, but think again. Even the top pros in the profession are side-lining their Nikons and Canons in favor of Fuji cameras. So your guy will be mixing it with the very best of them!

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

LG PC14DAB iDock

Many a docking device is available on the market right now. But this one gets top vote since it allows you to transfer music over from CD to iPod and you don’t even have to go near a computer for doing so.

Plus, there’s an inbuilt DAB radio, so, couple that with the lack of fiddling around, and you’re surely onto a winner.

Power Ranger

Power mat Portable Mat

Again, it’s down to techie gadgetry, and this, the Portable Mat from Powermat will play to his every whim. Simply slot an iPhone – receivers can be had for other devices, too – into the receiver, pop it onto the Powermat, then sit back and relax while the phone charges up wirelessly.

No more necessity for a mass of indeterminate wiring with the Powermat to hand.

Uber Earphones

Sennheiser HD-408 Headphones

It’s great an’ all owning a flashy MP3 player, but it’s not so great if that flashy MP3 player comes with a set of puny earphones.

The much-superior Sennheiser HD-408 Headphones convey all the sound that’s available with the most wonderful tones. And yet, it comes in with a surprisingly low price tag.