What To Remember When Selling a Rolex Watch

A Rolex watch is a high value asset and is unlike other items that aren’t worth a lot of money, such as DVD’s. Many people are blasé about selling their Rolex watch and can make mistakes. If you want to sell a Rolex watch, consider the following:

Get it valued

It is comparatively easy to get a Rolex watch valued. By taking a Rolex watch to a jeweller, they can assess it in person and provide a quote. Several jewellers should be approached in order to obtain many quotes. When its owner has been given various quotes, they can calculate an average figure.

Set a Reserve Price

When selling a Rolex watch on EBay, a Reserve Price must be set. Many owners mistakenly do not where a Rolex watch eventually sells for the wrong price. Before selling a Rolex watch, consider its true value so that an accurate Reserve Price is set. Therefore, it won’t sell for less than expected.

Take multiple photographs

When selling a Rolex watch online, many photographs must be taken of it. If a Rolex watch is sold to a website that offers a quote after it has been assessed, photographs can be uploaded as supporting documents. Photos can also be on an EBay listing. When potential buyers can look at various photographs of key areas, such as a serial number, it’ll probably receive more bids. Before taking photographs of a Rolex watch, consider what they should be of. If a photograph is taken from far away, such as it lying on a kitchen worktop, it will be difficult to see any distinguishing features, such as a serial number. By writing a list beforehand, only suitable photographs will be taken and not those that won’t help with selling a Rolex watch.

Get a Certificate of Authenticity

An important document, a Certificate of Authenticity should be provided when selling a Rolex watch. It doesn’t matter if it is sold to a jeweller or a website that provides a quote because a Certificate of Authenticity is required either way. This is because a higher quote will be provided due to the fact that a Rolex watch is genuine. If this document has been misplaced, a copy can be obtained from an official Rolex dealer or Rolex directly.

Know what a serial number is

Typically situated below the 3 o’clock position, a serial number must be known when wanting to sell a Rolex watch. A serial number is unique to each Rolex watch. When a Rolex watch is sold on EBay, a serial number proves its authenticity. If a serial number isn’t known, ask an official Rolex dealer what it is. Even if a serial number is assumed, ask a Rolex dealer for confirmation. Consequently, the right serial number will be provided when selling a Rolex watch. When a serial number is entered onto an EBay listing or provided to a website that offers quotes, a Rolex watch’s authenticity won’t be doubted.

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