What To Look For When Choosing Wildlife Exclusion Services

It is that frustrating moment when you find yourself up at midnight, gathering trash that has been scattered from one end of the yard to another. You bought the lidded trash can and you chained it to a post just like all the advice said, but nothing seems to work. This is the case for so many that deal with wildlife becoming a pest in their yard. The problem is, as the population expands and more and more wild areas are turned into neighborhoods, wildlife becomes more and more of a problem.
Wild animals cannot understand that they aren’t supposed to be getting in that trash can or rooting up your yard. All they know is they have found a great source of food and plenty of places for comfortable shelter. You may be condoning wildlife without even knowing it. If you have a problem with raccoons, possums, skunks, squirrels, or armadillos, then you will need to choose a wildlife exclusion service to take care of the problem. Just how do you find such a service? There are many pest control companies that can offer this. You just need to choose the right one. Here are some of the things you should look for.
They Should Offer Humane Methods
The first thing you should ask about would be the methods used for removal of the wildlife. A professional and proper removal service will use humane trapping methods. They should provide a plan to you showing how they will go about humane removal, including some type of explanation like:

  • Identifying type of wildlife that is being a nuisance.
  • Setting out a plan that will be used to remove the wildlife.
  • Putting the plan into action by using safe and non-harmful traps.
  • Removing the wildlife and setting it free in a proper habitat.

Make sure you choose a humane wildlife removal service and not one that uses poisons or any harmful and painful methods to deal with the pests.
They Should Offer Inspection and Price Quoting
Some wildlife removal services may indicate that they can give you a price right over the phone, but there are just too many variables for this kind of quote. There could be things that you do not know, like where the wildlife has burrowed or made its home, whether or not the animal has babies, and whether or not the animal has a dangerous disease.
When you contact a wildlife removal service, they should indicate that they will need to provide an on-sight inspection to determine the extent of the problem before they can provide you with a quote on cost and fees.
They Should Offer Recommendations
Of course, just removing wildlife will not necessarily solve the problem. Some other wildlife may just take up residence in the same space. Instead, you will need to make changes so that your home will be less conducive to the animals. However, you may not know what to change. The proper wildlife exclusion service will actually give you advice. They will explain to you how to make spots on your property less cozy for nests and burrows and how to ensure the wildlife will not be able to find food on your property.
It is frustrating when a wild animal takes up residence at your home. Not only can that animal make a mess out of garbage cans and vegetable gardens, but that is not all. These animals can carry dangerous diseases like rabies. You will need to make sure that any animal is placed back in the wild where it belongs. The best way to do this is to choose the right wildlife exclusion service. Make sure to consider the above information and you should have no trouble choosing the right company.
Melissa Stewart is a writer for DugasPestControl.com. Dugas Pest Control offers pest management services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.