What Driving Schools Are Expected To Achieve?

Driving instructors are certified professionals who have years of experience teaching people how to safely operate a vehicle i.e. car or motorbike. Most lessons will combine both classroom instructions as well as driving simulators which later give way to on the road training so that people get comfortable driving a real vehicle. The lessons include local motor vehicle laws, awareness exercises and practice with reading signs.

A certified driver will often be employed at an accredited driving school but some professionals may prefer to be employed by the public school system or work as freelancers. Some driving teachers may have specialized training which allows them to teach truck driving as well as racing to aspiring professional truck drivers and racers.

The most common students

The most common visitors to driving institutions are mostly teenagers and young adults who are seeking to get their first driver’s license. Because these people are new they need the help of someone who is really knowledgeable and has the patience to teach them the ropes of driving. The instructor will need to cover an array of topics which include regulations, laws, safety tips, general trouble shooting, driving awareness and emergency maneuvers.

Many schools also conduct written exams in addition to regular classroom lectures. Some schools also give written handouts in the form of instruction manuals which are aimed at helping students study at home.

Out of the classroom

Students that have passed their classroom requirements will then find themselves in a physical car where they need to practice specific driving skills. Usually, an instructor will be in the driving seat to demonstrate to students how to adjust the mirrors, the seat, turn the ignition, shift gears etc. Once students have witnessed the basics it is time for them to start driving usually on a route which is clear.

All cars used by driving institutions are equipped with an extra set of pedals located on the passenger side, this allows the instructor to perform a number of emergency maneuvers like braking and helping students change gears (in the case of a stick shift). This minimizes the risk of having a newbie behind the wheel.

Road testing

When a learner is behind the wheel an instructor may provide detailed instructions as well as record and evaluate a student’s performance. He or she will also check how a student responds to advice and suggestions. When a student completes a road test successfully the instructor awards him or her with a certificate. This student is now officially eligible to visit the department of road and traffic to take a driving examination for the full fledged license.

In most cases students that pass a driving school’s road test will also pass the license test. That said students do fail the examination in which case they can retake the test after a few months during which they are expected to practice. Maneuvers like reverse parking, parallel parking, overtaking and changing lanes are some of the most commonly observed maneuvers by examiners. Your driving instructor should give you a few hints and tips on how to pass the license exam.

Becoming an instructor

In order to become a driving teacher a person needs to meet a number of certification and training requirements. The specific requirements may vary with countries and the states within each country. However, generally speaking most countries will require that an aspiring instructor have an unrestricted license in addition to a crystal clean driving record.

These individuals will then be expected to attend a comprehensive driving instructor training program in order to master both their own ability to drive and learn as well as teach others and evaluate. Once individuals complete this course successfully, they can then take a driving instructor’s test prior to being awarded a certificate. There are states and countries that require driving instructors to take periodical refresher courses and exams in order to maintain their license to teach students.

The numbers of driving schools in Australia today seem to be on the rise. That said regardless of if you are a parent who wants to send your kids to driving school or learn to drive yourself it is important that you check the certification of the school and make sure that they have good instructors. After all, what you end up learning will primarily depend on how good the instructor was at helping you through.

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