Stretch Your Student Budget By Buying Used Textbooks

Stretch Your Student Budget By Buying Used Textbooks

Let’s face it -being a student is expensive. Transportation fees, housing costs and tuition can take a bite out of the budget, even when they’re partially covered. There are very few things that can be done to lower costs. What can help? Buying used textbooks.

Anyone who has had to purchase a few expensive textbooks knows how it can set a student back for the semester. Whether it’s the $500 nursing book, the personal injury lawyer book, the medical book, the chemistry book or the series of history books necessary to complete the two upper-level classes, the cost of textbooks can be a headache. Students can save hundreds of dollars in a single semester, simply by buying and renting new or used textbooks. The can use the books in any way they please, but they’re saving hundreds of dollars on the cost. is the leading business for purchasing used textbooks, as well as textbook rentals across Canada. It has the textbooks that university students need to complete their studies. Moreover, they cost less than the university stores are asking. Students can rent or buy textbooks. They can even sell the books back to the site or sell the books they bought previously for full-priced to the site for a profit. In turn, those books become available to other students. Students who rent instead of buy can return the textbooks without any additional costs. Whether renting or buying, students can write in and mark the books up as needed.

To make some extra cash, students can join the Ambassador team at This provides the opportunity for them to gain real-world marketing skills, expand their resume, and earn some extra cash and save money on textbooks. It’s a simple process. When other students use their ambassador’s code to purchase books, the buyer saves an extra $3 and the ambassador receives $6 that can be applied toward their new or used textbooks on the website or be withdrawn in cash. In the meantime, the company receives publicity through word of mouth and the promotional materials students pass out. Visit for more information and to become and ambassador.

To find the correct book, simply insert the ISBN number or the title of the book into the search engine. Find the necessary edition and select “rent or buy”. The prices for both options pop up and students are free to choose the option they prefer. If it’s a book they only need for one semester, they might choose to rent. If it’s a book they think they’ll reference back to long after university or need for several years of schooling, they can choose to buy. Either way, they’re saving money. Buy textbooks for less at It saves money and they’re quickly and easily shipped directly to your door.

Author Bio: Jesse Mikka is a student finance blogger who writes to inform students about ways students can retain excellent grades and live economically. For textbook rentals across Canada, Jesse highly recommends to any student who wants to ace their courses and save money. Visit for more information and to become an ambassador to start saving money on textbooks today!