What Can Funny Dirty Jokes Give

To some, dirty jokes are amusing to hear but to many, they are quite offensive that’s why using such words can be quite troublesome at times, especially to those individuals who are confused about how to use them or even if they should be used at all. Dirty jokes are most commonly used by men since we find it natural for them to talk such things but hearing it from a woman might be inappropriate. However, did you know why some individuals keep using dirty jokes and others refrain from it? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using dirty jokes.
First is in regard as a helper of starting a conversation. If you like to approach or talk to someone you really like, there could be times that you will end up saying nothing because of brain freeze developing a much heavier atmosphere of awkwardness. Funny dirty jokes or cheesy jokes can help you by giving you something to say to break the boundary between both of you. However, not all people find dirty jokes as funny ones especially to women. Most women find this type of jokes rude, thus using such jokes can be more detrimental than helpful to your case. Worst, you will turn out as real jerk if that happens.
Second is in regard in getting fast results. If all you are after is a short term fling, a dirty jokes line will help you find out very quickly which women may be interested in the same situation as what you would want. In a simple sense, using dirty jokes will give you quick results. However, such things only work for the type of women who are not into serious relationships. As we all know, there are only few of this type. That’s why; you might want to check first, if you are using your dirty jokes at the right person. Well, the worst case scenario if you use the wrong jokes line on the wrong lady, you could seriously get a sharp crack across the face. Always bear in mind that there are heaps of dirty jokes that should never be said in front of women. You should know which of these jokes might work and those that will never work.
Third and last in the list is in regard with one’s sense of humor. To some people, dirty jokes are fun to be heard. If you use these jokes that right way they should be used, they will show off your sense of humor. Using such jokes, you will also know how compatible your humor with other people. For example, if you think the jokes line is funny and the girl find it in the same way, your sense of humor is compatible. However, if you think that you have an incompatible humor, then that is not good thing. If you are one of those poor men who have a bad sense of humor the woman you are trying to jokes will know about your affliction very quickly.