Overcoming the Roadblocks and Generating Ideas as a Tech Entrepreneur

Any person who has ever considered themselves an inventor or entrepreneur of sorts understands the road blocks that sometimes seemingly appear out of nowhere. You may believe that you’re totally on to something only to experience a wall that seems too high to climb over or too long to walk around.
It’s an all too common occurrence in the world of entrepreneurship, and in tech entrepreneurship it’s especially common. Seasoned entrepreneurs have ways that they get around these road blocks. Sometimes breaking down the walls to solve the problem at hand is as simple as playing some ping pong. But sometimes, it’s not that simple. Check out these ways that some entrepreneurs and inventors stimulate their brain in order to solve the world’s problems.
A Sail Around the World
Like I mentioned earlier, some problems are solved simply by letting your brain unwind by playing some ping-pong or shooting some hoops. But some literally require a trip around the world. Earlier this year, a group of entrepreneurs gathered on a boat. The entrepreneurs set out to solve some worldly problems on a semester at sea, as they sailed from country to country collaborating, in search of the “aha moment” as many call it.
The idea to essentially have a floating think tank with some of the top entrepreneurial minds in the world is a new one, and it’s never really been done before. Most of these kinds of events take place on college campuses or in the board rooms of massive offices, but this was different because the attendees set out to see and change the world. The idea worked, too, as there were some groundbreaking discoveries in some projects that truly could revolutionize life for some citizens of the world.
Be Determined
Some of the most famous and successful tech entrepreneurs in history overcame the road blocks through sheer determination. They knew what they were doing, and were so determined to reach their destination and develop the next great idea that they shot right through the wall and onto the mainstream.
Richard Branson, one of the most well-known and successful tech entrepreneurs in the world, says that without motivation and determination you won’t get far at all. He believes that the first few years of your entrepreneurial lifestyle should be filled with all nighters and stressful days, while you give it your all. The harder you work, the more determined you’ll be, and the better your chances are at succeeding.
Entrepreneurs need to be able to collaborate, as collaboration typically leads to being successful. By collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs in order to brainstorm about emerging technologies, entrepreneurs will find an easier path to success as your eyes may be opened to new avenues and ideas.
Brainstorming should be welcomed as part of your day. While tech entrepreneurs all have minds that work differently, you likely have a time of day that works best for you when coming up with new ideas and solutions. Use this time of the day to brainstorm with your colleagues and invent the next great product or technology.

Image credit: bradsblog.net