Understanding a Partner With Number Numerology

In one-to-one relationships, some of the couples find that they have something in common or else their union is a constant struggle, whereas the others comprehend tranquility together, even when they differ. With the help of numerology, the partner numbers can be made use of to find out whether any kind of relationship will be compatible or there will be difficulty. The utilization of partner numbers can also facilitate you to enhance and strengthen a relationship that will lead to greater understanding and co-operation.

The assessments have to be made for the completely strange people who would soon be maintain the business with hand in hands. Those dangerous decisions may easily be overruled by an easier pathway which is the Numerology way.

The partners can turn out to be anyone starting from school friend, college friend, business partner, project partner or room partner. It ideally refers to anyone who shares money as well as time in right proportions. It not only depends on your partners that the partnership will turn out to be quite fruitful but also on their characteristic behaviors. For example: If you find a number 3 person getting hooked with a number 8 person it is likely seen that the partnership collapses. To understand this in a better way it is quite essential to know the basic terminology which is the prime numbers, followers and the influencers. Though you will find the terms varying as per the linking of the author but the definition will remain the same.

Therefore, you need to add that glue that holds on your relationship together. You have to estimate your numerology partner digit. Love numerology allocates a numerical number to your birth name. Then, your Partner number is examined by adding up your numerological value and your partner’s numerological value jointly. By calculating your partner’s number, you can find out the strength’s in addition to weaknesses that you and your partner have in your relationship. It also gives you a thought of what you should focus on simultaneously to make your relationship a continuing, booming partnership of love.

By making use of the chart given below you need to estimate your individual (your own) destiny numbers at first. Then you need to calculate your partner’s number by calculating together your individual (your own) destiny numbers. You have to continue adding until you get hold of a single digit.

1 – A, J, S

2 – B, K, T

3 – C, L, U

4 – D, M, V

5 – E, N, W

6 – F, O, X

7 – G, P, Y

8 – H, Q, Z

9 – I, R

Partner Number Calculation Example:

Virender Sehwag – 4+9+9+5+5+4+5+9+1+5+8+5+1+7 = 77 = 14 = 5

Aarti Ahlawat – 1+1+9+2+9+1+8+3+1+5+1+2 = 43 = 7

Now find out your partner number:

5+7 = 12 = 3

Partner Number 1 – Any couple with a partner number of 1 must be understandable about each other’s limits.

Partner Number 2 – Any couple with a partner number of 2 should be trained to assist one another or the relationship will not last.

Partner Number 3 – Any couple with a partner number of 3 must constantly work on articulating themselves and opening up to their partner properly.

Partner Number 4 – Couple with partner number 4 should learn to work together by setting proper goals to achieve them properly.

Partner Number 5 –Couple with a partner number of 5 must learn to organize and control the passion.

Partner Number 6 – A couple with a partner number 6 must find out to take liability for their individual actions.

Partner Number 7 – Any couple with a partner number of 7 should learn to get together on a religious level.

Partner Number 8 – A couple with number 8 must try and find out ways to balance between their life and their love life.

Partner Number 9 – A couple with number 9 should learn various ways to open up to others.

So, this is how one can calculate how your partner will be with the help of number numerology.

Number numerology will help you to know the character traits of your partner. Therefore, you can understand the compatibility level too. 

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