Pay Attention To Your Children, Not Your Smartphone

It’s becoming clear that a lot of people are addicted to their smartphones. These devices make life a lot easier, and they keep us attached to everyone we know. They serve so many different purposes, but they also cause people to ignore what’s going on around them. Learn about why you should start paying more attention to your children in the text below.

The Different Situations

Think of this situation. You’re eating dinner in the living room with your children and you’re chatting at the same time with your friend. Instead of having a conversation with your children who are right there about their days, you’re more concerned about what’s going on with someone that shouldn’t have your attention at this time. They may be telling you the latest gossip, but if you think about it this is the time when you should be off of the phone and interested in your children.

You Are Ignoring Them

When you ignore your children to use your smartphone it starts to show them that you are too busy to think over what their needs are. A child needs to be listened to and told things that they must know to get through life. If they see you going to town on a smartphone all the time, then you may find that they will develop a taste for ignoring things to play around with electronics as well instead of developing relationships. Technology has created a sort of barrier where you can be social from far away but don’t really know how to proceed when you have people right in front of you.

Stop Before It Is Too Late

When you use a smartphone, it’s basically like shutting off the world around you. So, if your children are getting into something they shouldn’t but your into the world of what’s going on in the phone, you may end up having them get hurt. You need to take frequent breaks or not use your phone at all when the children are playing or are out and about. Be responsible or you may end up having to deal with injuries or something else terrible.

Build Memories With Your Children

Do you take your kids to the park or somewhere to have them have a good time and just sit on your phone? Maybe you just wait for picture opportunities to come up so you can share them with your social media friends. Consider going out next time without the phone at all. While you may enjoy getting likes on your social media page, that means very little when you consider that this event will never happen again in your life. Your children will grow up and when you think that the only memory you’ll have is messing with your phone the whole time, it gets kind of sad.

As you can tell, there are many reasons to drop the smartphone and start having more time for your children. Life is too short to spend it in the digital world all the time. It’s always great to have a smartphone on hand, but don’t let it run your life.

Aria Meyer is a fashion and technology blogger. She writes for several fashion blogs. She is currently living in West Covina and working closely with Mydeebaby to help them grow the fashion and apparel department.