Best Credit Cards Review

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Before accepting a credit card, you hesitate to go ahead for fear of being trapped in the vicious circle of debt. So how do you go about choosing the best credit card for you? There are certain factors to keep in mind while picking out a credit card, namely, the annual charges, the interest rate, customer service, offers, and of course the flexibility in bill payment options. Apart from these, going through the reviews of cards online can give you a fair idea as to which card will ultimately prove to be your friend in need.
Discover More Card – One of the best credit cards, the Discover More Card embraces low charges and interest rates and provides impeccable customer support services, along with awesome features which are sufficient to make it rank among the top credit cards. What makes the card most alluring is its 0 per cent introductory Annual Percentage Rates on every balance transfer and purchases made for the first 14 months. The card also proffers its customers with 5 per cent cash back on categories like restaurants, travel, gas and the like. Not to mention its security features which make it stand apart from the rest; the fraud prevention system relieves you of having to bear any responsibility if you see any sort of unauthorized purchases being made with your card. You can also get a replacement card in no time if you happen to be so forgetful as to lose your credit card or be unlucky enough to have it stolen. Last but definitely not least, the impeccable 24/7 customer care services and the meticulous system of informing users about various rewards, payments due and dates via email and phone are truly admirable.
Chase Freedom – If you wish to enjoy a $100 Cash Back Bonus while you spend, this card will enthrall you with the benefits it offers. Just shell out $500 from your pocket either to make purchases or to transfer amounts and an additional $100 can be yours in the form of cash back. ┬áMoreover, for travel aficionados, this card can be a great option since you get the opportunity to enjoy 5 per cent cash back on your hotel accommodations and flight fares for any amount up to $1500. And the best part of it is that this can be obtained without having to pay a single penny annually in membership fees.
Citi Simplicity – For those who are looking for the best credit card with the lowest burden of fees and interest, the Citi Simplicity card is the one. The card offers 0 per cent Annual Percentage Rate for the first 18 months and a variable one ranging from 12.99% to 21.99% henceforth, depending on your credit worthiness. However, the best part is that there are no annual or late fee charges that can be a burden on your pocket. Other features include protection in case of lost luggage, discounts on Hertz car rentals, travel aids, the issuing of photo cards for ensuring security, and the like.
There are other cards which are convenient for use in different fields, such as Chase Ultimate Rewards and American Express Simply Cash Business for business people, Citi Dividend and Citi Forward for students and Prepaid cards issued by Mango, American Express and NetSpend for those suffering from a low credit rank.
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