Turn On The Charm This Valentine's Day

As Valentine’s Day will shortly be upon us, there will be many men up and down the country who will be scratching their heads over how to mark this romantic occasion for their loved ones. A box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers are all very nice but they are not a permanent, sentimental reminder of your affection and they do come across as being an easy option with little thought behind them.
There aren’t many ladies who wouldn’t appreciate a special item of jewellery to add to their collection, something they can wear every day which will remind them of you every time they wear it.
Buying a ring can be a little tricky if you are not ready for a full-blown engagement, but if you would like your partner to know you are serious about her, you could buy her a promise ring to test the water. A promise ring usually contains small diamonds or precious stones set in silver or gold.
Charm bracelet
One of the most successful jewellery trends over the last decade; charm bracelets continue to be popular with women and girls of all ages. The concept is so simple – a plain bracelet on which you can slip a variety of different styles and colours of beads until the bracelet is full.
The advantage of providing a charm bracelet is that you will never again be stuck for ideas as to what to buy for Christmas, birthdays and of course Valentine’s Day. The individual charms are affordably within reach for most.
There are many designers of charm bracelets including Thomas Sabo, Troll and Chamilia, but probably the most well-known company is Pandora, a Danish company who have been making their own style of charm bracelet since 2000.
You could never run out of Pandora charm possibilities, whatever the occasion. A new range of charms are brought out each year and beads are available in Murano glass, gold, silver or a combination of both metals.
For Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of charms incorporating heart and flower designs. Birthdays lend themselves to birthstone charms, perhaps a cupcake or a present charm. Christmas calls for a snowflake, angel or Christmas tree charm.
If you buy her something simple which is on quite a sturdy chain, more than likely she will wear it 24/7 to keep your memory close. There are so many heart designs to choose from in either plain silver or gold, studded with tiny diamonds or rubies. Remember that if she is to wear the necklace every day you, may want to choose something simple but striking, something that she could wear for work but also when she dresses up.
Make the right choice and she will be delighted to think you put so much thought into your gift, rather than choosing the easy option.
Denise Mooney shares her interest in Pandora jewellery as a great gift to recieve this Valentine’s Day.